CRM Magazine: February 2009
Magazine Features
Feeling battered by the recession? This is how you do battle: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Some of the scary statistics capturing the impact of this economic crisis—so far.
When budgets are tight, it's your job to calm skittish customers and capture the few viable prospects. You can't be everywhere at once, so be where you're most effective.
In a recession, making the most of the people and technology you already have—and maintaining the service they provide—should be your top priority.
Counterintuitive as the notion seems, sometimes the only way out of a financial crunch involves spending more to make more. But how do you make your spending more strategic?
Front Office
In a difficult economy, don't sit idly by. Do something -- but be sure it has a payoff.
Reality Check
The rebirth of layaway in an age of automation.
Customer Centricity
Customer retention is the best use of a bad situation.
The Tipping Point
Constrained spending is no excuse for CRM stagnation.
Scouting Report
Web 2.0 technologies can support your customer service processes.
Pint of View
How we handle the bad times can reflect well on us in the long run.
American Express wants to cut spending as it enters 2009—nearly $2 billion worth—but what happens if its customers do the same?
More companies are realizing that delivering a great experience may not require a contact center.
Telecom giant Sprint cuts telecom contact centers.
Playboy and other entertainment companies make cuts—but hope to keep the brand alive.
Will Detroit get the help it claims to need, or the fate some say it deserves?
Finding a new path to customers means identifying what works, what doesn't, and why.
The recession casts a cold shadow over the Twitterverse.
Wagner Equipment Co. digs deeper into service—and saves hard cash—with Siemens.
Adobe increases conversions with the help of behavioral-targeted live chat.
Cobb Theatres makes a blockbuster move to combine dining and moviegoing.
Technology provider National Instruments caters to a community.
Secret of My Success
D-Tools tries riding out the recession with low-cost, high-quality CRM.
No longer a brand-new technology, Web conferencing continues to expand its reach as its capabilities continue to mature.

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