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Time Warner Desert Cities combats churn.
Posted 16 Dec 2002 [December 2002 Issue]
Spending on technology that measures marketing efforts takes center stage; three guiding principles
Posted 27 Sep 2002
Thin is in for anytime, anywhere access; company takes responsibility; commitment to the CRM cause, says analyst
Posted 24 Sep 2002
CRM analytics hot spot; real-time tools boost the online experience; unearthing trends in heaps of customer data
Posted 20 Sep 2002
Jupiter Research reports email campaigns on the rise; dawn of mega spam; CRM to the rescue, sort of
Posted 19 Sep 2002
Microsoft Business Solutions combines Great Plains, Navision and bCentral; delivers industry-specific solutions; a product roadmap
Posted 18 Sep 2002
Web collaboration specialist breaks out of the online chat box; new sales edition; a much-needed revenue stream, says analyst
Posted 17 Sep 2002
Intuit unveils Sales Manager service as part of QuickBase; starts at $249 per month; CRM hosting arena heats up
Posted 16 Sep 2002
ChannelWave goes to Japan; Onyx eyes China; IT investment in Asia-Pacific on the verge of growth, says IDC
Posted 12 Sep 2002
Startup LiveWire Logic unveiled RealDialog for online chatting; linguistics verses keyword; the virtual agent
Posted 10 Sep 2002
Forms marketing and customer analytics practice within SAS Americas; getting more in the loop; a smart move, says analyst
Posted 09 Sep 2002
Adds workforce management features; software converges on the portal; the people-centric approach
Posted 05 Sep 2002
A key finding: CRM spending will be driven by companies that sell to other businesses -- not consumers
Posted 03 Sep 2002
Aberdeen Group offers e-commerce tips; the dawn of DCM; much work remains
Posted 28 Aug 2002
Expands on key manufacturing vertical with release 5; configuration and quoting; taking XML orders
Posted 27 Aug 2002
Outsource, homegrown, best-of-breed; marketing automation's missteps; an email blast
Posted 23 Aug 2002
Launches E.6 Service for call centers; allies Tibco for system-to-system integration; best architecture, says analyst
Posted 22 Aug 2002
Integration technology standards drop prices; companies opening wallets; surprising in today's economy, says Yankee Group
Posted 21 Aug 2002
Marrying business intelligence with enterprise solutions; in search of ways to cut costs; a supply chain resurgence
Posted 20 Aug 2002
Next wave of CRM moves to the frontlines, says Datamonitor; work-force optimization; vendors ready products
Posted 19 Aug 2002
PRM sector gains validity; fastest time to market and lowest cost of ownership were key deal drivers; Siebel's rough week
Posted 15 Aug 2002
AMC Technology develops products, connectors for SAP; email response management system is the latest CRM extension; third-party think tank
Posted 14 Aug 2002
BioInformatics reports customer service plays key role; suppliers must meet scientists' unique needs or face severe backlash, says researcher
Posted 14 Aug 2002
BioInformatics reports customer service plays key role; suppliers must meet scientists' unique needs or face severe backlash, says researcher
Posted 14 Aug 2002
Frost and Sullivan predict booming North American market; CRM initiatives drive growth; mid-market madness
Posted 12 Aug 2002
GartnerG2 answers debate over customer retention verses customer acquisition; monitoring the pulse of consumers
Posted 12 Aug 2002
Art Technology Group unveils ATG6 Beta; online selling, marketing and customer support; "our portal connects with everyone," says exec
Posted 12 Aug 2002
Consultancy delivers step-by-step guide; tactics for building company-wide support; the customer culture
Posted 08 Aug 2002
Customer Management Gurus hopes to ride services upswing; consultancy on the cheap; a virtual shop
Posted 07 Aug 2002
Takes aim at healthcare, with partner Aspect; integrates content creation tools from Ephox; saving face in a storm, says analyst
Posted 06 Aug 2002
Release 6 touts 300 APIs; CTO claims 300 percent growth in sales, low-cost Web services architecture; avoiding the PRM fate
Posted 05 Aug 2002
PRM vendor stumbles in wake of turbulent economy; new technology faces stiff challenges; "wrong message, wrong time," says AMR analyst
Posted 01 Aug 2002
Forrester predicts market comeback; cross-channel integration, verticalization, Web services, new pricing models weigh in; Microsoft will dominate
Posted 31 Jul 2002
Genesys creates a voice portal; Avaya and Aspect also shout offerings; VXML is being heard
Posted 30 Jul 2002
Plans to increase R&D spending and headcount; a shining marketing light among tech's doom and gloom; "a drop in the bucket," says analyst
Posted 29 Jul 2002
Avaya delivers latest version of interactive voice-response system; supports VXML 2.0; "Not quite Star Trek," says CRM evangelist
Posted 26 Jul 2002
IDC reports mobile middleware market on the rise; 105 million road warriors in U.S. by 2006; the email trigger
Posted 25 Jul 2002
SupportSoft unveils automation software; IBM already lovin' it; help-desk days are numbered, says Big Blue executive
Posted 24 Jul 2002
Accenture's energy-outsourcing services charge sales, signs deals with CustomerWorks and BC Hydro
Posted 23 Jul 2002
Meta Group rates the suite vendors; a few application domains show signs of maturity; presence and performance
Posted 22 Jul 2002
Short-term growth barriers hid long-term pot of gold; suite vendors face sophisticated customers; e-marketing evolves
Posted 18 Jul 2002
Airborne Express unleashes Onyx software and portal in phases; 700 sales and marketing employees get customer information at their fingertips
Posted 17 Jul 2002
Email marketing meets e-commerce; Nasdaq listing on the cheap; "Doing $5 million in revenues isn't acceptable," says CEO
Posted 15 Jul 2002
Dynamics 7.0 and eEnterprise 7.0 integrates with upcoming CRM products, connects to systems both inside and outside the firewall; employee 'smart tags'
Posted 15 Jul 2002
Provider of Web chat services hopes to jumpstart sales with acquisition; "risky bet" says industry watcher
Posted 12 Jul 2002
CRM vendor touts deeper integration with ERP systems; takes aim at heavyweights SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle and PeopleSoft
Posted 11 Jul 2002
IM technology joins automated response system for new-age customer service; chatting with a computer
Posted 10 Jul 2002
E.piphany puts global spin on marketing software; out-of-the-box features and multi-lingual support; "Borderless CRM"
Posted 09 Jul 2002
Cape Clear opens up development platform to Salesforce.com customers; "the new era of integration has begun," says CEO
Posted 08 Jul 2002
Despite tremors on Wall Street, a tiny Canadian software developer takes giant steps with an acquisition that doubles the company's size
Posted 05 Jul 2002
Siebel claims business is clicking on all cylinders; industry watchers are divided
Posted 03 Jul 2002
Vendors and customers alike know it's coming; Frost and Sullivan points to 2004 and 2005 as peak growth years
Posted 01 Jul 2002
The Sage Group creates CRM division to go head-to-head with Microsoft's Great Plains Software
Posted 01 Jul 2002
AMR researcher points to misguided project implementation strategies, lack of governance and bound architecture
Posted 28 Jun 2002
ListenPoint unleashes Web-based marketing software; module collects field intelligence for corporate brass, aiming to boost sales
Posted 27 Jun 2002
Budget-strapped marketing departments need to do more with less, which is why CRM vendor Blue Martini Software began shipping today a standalone relationship marketing application to help marketers manage customer touch points automatically.
Posted 26 Jun 2002
Unveils 'extended' version featuring Web services API, field access and others; targets enterprises with 50 to 250 sales force
Posted 25 Jun 2002
New ProChannel 5 suite gets analytics, mobility and much more; analyst sees opportunity and hurdles
Posted 24 Jun 2002
Reporting and analysis tools integrated into Microsoft's first .NET business solution; legitimate and proven partnership, says analyst
Posted 19 Jun 2002
Kana study shows increased Web self-service activity, but telephone calls still rule the roost
Posted 18 Jun 2002
The future of a CRM investment rests on the company's ability to document and measure returns, according to a study by Harte-Hanks, a CRM vendor targeting community banks and credit unions. Harte-Hanks surveyed nearly 500 North American companies spanning manufacturing, finance, retail and transportation.
Posted 17 Jun 2002
Consultants in North American and Europe trained on latest analytical CRM technology
Posted 14 Jun 2002
Integrate offerings to deliver real-time analytics and intelligent routing; arms contact center agents with latest customer info
Posted 13 Jun 2002
Unwinding at a cafe in Palo Alto, Calif., after a long sales tour, Onyx CEO Brent Frei couldn't stop talking about his software's strong technical foundation. Three weeks later, Onyx unveiled today its Internet-based Enterprise CRM 4.0 suite, developed specifically to run on a Web services-enabled platform.
Posted 11 Jun 2002
A 360-degree view of customers is the holy grail of e-marketing -- and it doesn't come easily, reports Xchange, a CRM vendor, in a white paper released earlier this week, entitled, One-to-One Mass Marketing: Managing a Million Customer Relationships.
Posted 10 Jun 2002
Consulting firm surveys 45 SFA users in 12 industries and 42 software vendors; comes up with formula for success
Posted 07 Jun 2002
Japan's NTT DoCoMo Kansai, Italy's TIM employ CRM software to manage burgeoning user base and decrease churn
Posted 04 Jun 2002
Churn is the ugly word among telecommunications companies that means customer turnover. But CRM vendor Kana Software claims its e-service applications free up customer service representatives to take care of pesky customers, and thus reduce churn.
Posted 03 Jun 2002
AMR analysts square off on whether companies should lead with CRM or SCM technology; TaylorMade-adidas makes its choice
Posted 31 May 2002
Compared to recent quarters, Q1 2002 posted an overall higher rating across all enterprise e-business initiatives such as CRM, SCM, ERP, e-sourcing and private trading exchanges.
Posted 30 May 2002
The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company unveiled CRM offerings tailored for investment banks, healthcare insurance firms and real estate-construction companies in the mid-enterprise space -- companies and business units with $100 million to $3 billion annual revenues.
Posted 29 May 2002
Amid widely reported CRM failures, a Fujitsu Consulting study today found a bright spot in the telecommunications sector -- one of the fastest adopters of CRM technology.
Posted 28 May 2002
The goal is to make it easier for sales folk to use UpShot's service. The announcement is also a pre-emptive strike against Microsoft, the maker of these applications, which is planning to enter the CRM space later this year.
Posted 24 May 2002
Are your customers happy? It's the critical question facing many Web retailers, and no one's really found the answer yet. Help though, may be on the way. Online comparison shopping site BizRate.com and marketing analytics and data collection firm Coremetrics have teamed up to help companies get more aligned with customer behavior.
Posted 23 May 2002
A free-for-all is brewing in Western Europe's small to medium-business (SMB) arena, according to report released today from London-based researcher Datamonitor. And as vendors converge on the opportunity there, consolidation is inevitable.
Posted 22 May 2002
This week Oracle unveiled its Lease Management module as part of its Oracle 11i E-Business suite. The module automates and manages the lifecycle of leased products, from loan origination to contract termination.
Posted 21 May 2002
Patricia Seybold Group looks at key factors of CRM analytic applications; reports on the pros and cons of real-time analytics
Posted 20 May 2002
The Web services explosion is just around the corner, according to a report by market researcher Patricia Seybold Group this week. But a pulse check at a recent CIO forum on the future of CRM, however, showed little Web services fanfare to date.
Posted 17 May 2002
Reveries, an online magazine for marketing professionals, uncovered interesting tidbits about the public perception of CRM, after posting a survey on its Web site. The Westport, Conn.-based company released results this week, with one of the more humorous findings about confusion over the meaning of CRM -- not the technology but the abbreviation.
Posted 16 May 2002
CRM software vendor stumbles in Q1; analyst expects more bad news from Silicon Valley companies through the summer
Posted 14 May 2002
Data-platform integrator Acta builds interface to Trillium data-quality software, hopes to address critical data flow and integrity issues
Posted 13 May 2002
The lines between service automation and other software are blurring, and thus signaling the fall of standalone eServices
Posted 10 May 2002
The word is out: Integration is the key to unlocking CRM's potential. Everyone from vendors to consultants and customers claim they can do it -- but it's just not that easy, industry watchers say.
Posted 10 May 2002
Analyst: Integrator helps companies translate generic CRM into the most valuable approach for specific industry, business
Posted 07 May 2002
State-of-the-art solution for giant, public healthcare agency helps Siebel open market share lead
Posted 06 May 2002
Seldom will shoppers fill up their carts and then leave them at the cash register, never to return. But this happens all the time on the Web. That's why CRM Metrix, a marketing software company, announced its Abandonment Tracker product today.
Posted 06 May 2002
To this end, AMR released a report entitled, 'It Was the Best of Quarters, It Was the Worst of Quarters,' detailing CRM vendors' rocky financial performance in Q1 this year. On the upside, CRM vendors did a noble job of pulling out decent numbers in what is arguably the slowest-selling quarter of the year, according to AMR.
Posted 03 May 2002
London-based researcher Datamonitor says PRM and ERM have limited market opportunity today
Posted 03 May 2002
Posted 03 May 2002
CRM suite vendors are biting and clawing for sales in untapped international markets.
Posted 02 May 2002
Posted 01 May 2002
SAS Institute has been pouring research dollars into building an analytical tool for the marketing community, in hopes of picking up sales in the hot CRM space.
Posted 30 Apr 2002
PeopleSoft makes its big bet on e-business at its strategy summit in Las Vegas.
Posted 29 Apr 2002
The market for customer relationship management (CRM) services is heating up.
Posted 25 Apr 2002
Posted 24 Apr 2002
Posted 24 Apr 2002
Posted 23 Apr 2002
Posted 22 Apr 2002
Posted 18 Apr 2002
Posted 17 Apr 2002
Posted 15 Apr 2002
Posted 12 Apr 2002
Posted 11 Apr 2002
Posted 11 Apr 2002
Posted 10 Apr 2002
Posted 09 Apr 2002
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Posted 05 Apr 2002
Posted 04 Apr 2002
Posted 02 Apr 2002
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Posted 27 Mar 2002
Posted 26 Mar 2002
Posted 25 Mar 2002
Posted 22 Mar 2002
Posted 21 Mar 2002
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Posted 18 Mar 2002
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Posted 07 Mar 2002
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Posted 26 Feb 2002
Posted 25 Feb 2002
Posted 21 Feb 2002
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Posted 15 Feb 2002
Posted 13 Feb 2002
Posted 12 Feb 2002
Posted 12 Feb 2002
First to market: eMedical 7 and eConsumer Goods 7 vertical solutions.
Posted 06 Feb 2002
Posted 04 Feb 2002
CRM can add to the top line and cut costs, too, but many projects fail. Smart companies are learning how to improve the odds.
Posted 08 Jan 2002
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