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Vendors are combining MRM with campaign management to leverage a broad spectrum of functions, including planning, execution, and measurement.
Posted 01 Jul 2004 [July 2004 Issue]
Cummins had an undisciplined process for direct communications with customers, virtually no direct marketing via email, and customers could not provide feedback.
Posted 01 Jul 2004 [July 2004 Issue]
Search capability in self-service are powerful, but companies need to monitor its effectiveness.
Posted 03 May 2004 [May 2004 Issue]
Midmarket companies are now spoiled for choice.
Posted 01 Apr 2004 [April 2004 Issue]
A new Beagle Research Group study says the demand for hosted CRM has exploded over the past 12 months, and mainstream users are now adopting these solutions.
Posted 24 Mar 2004
PeopleSoft, Onyx, and SAP are starting Q2 with updates to several existing applications, and are adding some new products.
Posted 22 Mar 2004
Company size may not be the real indicator of potential CRM adoption.
Posted 17 Mar 2004
In the real world, bad CRM really isn't all that funny.
Posted 15 Mar 2004
Business analytics software predicts NCAA Tournament teams.
Posted 10 Mar 2004
The moves are part of the company's plans to expand, evolve, and increase its presence as an ASP delivering a variety of CRM solutions.
Posted 08 Mar 2004
Siebel strengthened its partnerships with two industry heavyweights and made moves to secure some ground in the midmarket.
Posted 03 Mar 2004
The lackluster performance of sales managers prompted 43 percent of respondents to say that their managers need better sales management skills.
Posted 01 Mar 2004
Whether the compliance relates to personal privacy issues, spam, homeland security, federal, state, and local laws, healthcare, or securities, CRM solutions providers need to be aware of the issues.
Posted 01 Mar 2004 [March 2004 Issue]
Harte-Hanks's report examined 2,626 B2B permission-based email campaigns--more than 17 million messages--in the telecommunications and high-tech markets.
Posted 25 Feb 2004
Based on its recent report, "Predictions for Outsourcing in 2004," Gartner now estimates the number of enterprises overall that enter into new outsourcing relationships will increase by 30 percent in 2004.
Posted 23 Feb 2004
Peak Sales Consulting's survey shows that more effective training for sales and marketing groups is likely to help organizations meet their sales goals.
Posted 18 Feb 2004
The merger is expected to give existing customers access to a wider selection of CIM solutions, along with a beefed-up global support infrastructure.
Posted 11 Feb 2004
Real revenue and market potential for BPM is at the business level, enabling new business strategies, reducing operating costs, and improving process performance.
Posted 09 Feb 2004
Best-of-breed ICM fares better than that of ERP vendors.
Posted 04 Feb 2004
CEO Larry Ellison's keynote concentrated on how CRM has continually failed to deliver on its promise of that complete customer view.
Posted 02 Feb 2004
Business software providers are looking to cash in on the social networking hype by applying the concept to corporate sales.
Posted 02 Feb 2004 [February 2004 Issue]
CRM can help transport companies to reach new heights, drive profits, and bring them closer to their customers. Here, the stories of three companies that use CRM to do all this and more.
Posted 02 Feb 2004 [February 2004 Issue]
Smith & Nephew needed a solution that would make its global sales force more productive, accurate, and responsive to customers.
Posted 02 Feb 2004 [February 2004 Issue]
Talk of Oracle's ongoing hostile takeover efforts of rival PeopleSoft was noticeably absent from day one of Oracle's annual AppsWorld conference.
Posted 28 Jan 2004
A new META Group study shows that software providers are modifying their business models in an effort to attract small and midsize business users and expand their market share.
Posted 26 Jan 2004
IDC states that 70 percent of the respondents to a recent survey on standards agreed that the future of software depends on them.
Posted 21 Jan 2004
Outsourcing solutions are evolving toward integrated business and technology solutions; competitive differentiation will center on vertical expertise and alignment.
Posted 19 Jan 2004
Analytics developer SAS Institute this week unveiled plans to beef up its presence in the retail industry via the creation of new software solutions, along with the formation of two new units.
Posted 14 Jan 2004
PeopleSoft, which completed its acquisition of J.D. Edwards in July in a deal valued at $1.7 billion, inherited the seven-year-old Quest user group, but has backed out of the Quest Midwest Conference.
Posted 12 Jan 2004
The Jave Tools Community group charge is to make standard Java technology APIs friendlier for tool development.
Posted 07 Jan 2004
New research from Forrester Research estimates that e-commerce budgets will outpace the rest of IT budgets through 2008.
Posted 05 Jan 2004
The company needed a CRM system that could help track customers for life, track sales leads and opportunities, and manage marketing campaigns to attract new customers.
Posted 02 Jan 2004 [January 2004 Issue]
Following are three stories of how perseverance led to CRM success--and that's no fairy tale.
Posted 02 Jan 2004 [January 2004 Issue]
Automakers using CRM are getting savvier about their customers, which are essentially the dealers. Dealers using CRM are also getting a better handle on their customers and prospects.
Posted 02 Jan 2004 [January 2004 Issue]
Many businesses are relying on BPM applications to help them comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX).
Posted 29 Dec 2003
Six common mistaken beliefs are widespread among sales leaders--each of these common misconceptions undermines a successful sales group.
Posted 22 Dec 2003
Forrester Research this week released "Marketing to America's Ethnic Minorities," a Consumer Technographics report that identifies key differences in technology adoption, media consumption, and receptiveness to marketing among Asians, blacks, English-speaking Hispanics, and whites.
Posted 17 Dec 2003
Business Objects says it will issue approximately 26.8 million ordinary shares and will pay approximately $307.6 million in cash to former Crystal Decisions stockholders.
Posted 15 Dec 2003
Leading application and service providers like Siebel Systems, IBM Global Services, SAP, Accenture, and PeopleSoft are trying to shift into the expanding SMB space, but smaller CRM vendors, partners, and resellers are better positioned to take advantage of the boom.
Posted 10 Dec 2003
According to the study, Web self-service transactions have grown 116.8 percent from 2002 and now account for three-quarters of all support transactions.
Posted 08 Dec 2003
Onyx isn't waiting around to see the results before making a move: It announced today a program to migrate Pivotal customers to Onyx, which enables customers to trade their existing Pivotal licenses for licenses of Onyx Enterprise CRM 4.5.
Posted 03 Dec 2003
Marketing automation software, which grew out of CRM, allows marketers to plan, target, deliver, and measure direct-to-consumer marketing communications, across both online and offline channels.
Posted 01 Dec 2003
What every CRM project leader must do when dealing with internal staff, vendors, integrators, and consultants to ensure the CRM initiative is truly fruitful.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 [December 2003 Issue]
The deployment began in May; the plan is to roll out the new system to 1,200 users over the next year.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 [December 2003 Issue]
Industry pundit Paul Greenberg says he finds it ironic that CRM is supposed to be about making customers happy, when the CRM players are at each other's throats.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 [December 2003 Issue]
Collaborative selling proponents claim it helps companies realize higher close rates, shorten the sales cycle, and gain higher-value deals.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 [December 2003 Issue]
Initial interest in porting telephone numbers didn't match the hype surrounding the Federal Communications Commission's recent mandate.
Posted 26 Nov 2003
According to the report, health insurance carriers are lagging in customer service and support.
Posted 24 Nov 2003
A recently released study from HYM press showed that customers' satisfaction with 14 leading CRM software systems and vendors is based on a variety of things, including functionality, customizability, and financial stability.
Posted 19 Nov 2003
The 2004 increases are being driven by projected demand among midsize (100 to 999 employees) and large organizations (1,000 or more employees).
Posted 17 Nov 2003
A combination of technology advances, architectural changes, market forces, and best practices will make for a good recovery for IT in the near future.
Posted 13 Nov 2003
The increase in CRM spending was tempered, however, by slightly down numbers for new spending on network equipment and services.
Posted 05 Nov 2003
The market research and analyst firms, which have significant CRM practices, recently posted earnings that indicate a slight uptick in the tech market.
Posted 03 Nov 2003
Travelex's SFA and CRM pieces were not integrated with the processing system, so the sales group refused to use it; Travelex decided to trash its system in favor of another solution.
Posted 03 Nov 2003 [November 2003 Issue]
The Meta Group Tuesday released a report showing that the market for collaboration and document management tools is poised to explode.
Posted 29 Oct 2003
The company is targeting small businesses with between two and 100 workers, a different strategy from the current group of ASPs that is beginning to make headway in larger companies and the enterprise space.
Posted 27 Oct 2003
Mobile technology coupled with CRM lets the corporate office receive timely field intelligence collected by mobile professionals, and mobile technologies help sales representatives and field service workers stay current with their accounts and customers.
Posted 22 Oct 2003
UpShot's hosted rivals are offering migration paths for customers who are unhappy with Siebel's acquisition of the company.
Posted 20 Oct 2003
Siebel Systems CEO Tom Siebel said the company's motive for acquiring UpShot is similar to acquisitions it's made in the past, which is, "within a very short time to establish a commanding lead" in its target market.
Posted 16 Oct 2003
Siebel Systems Wednesday announced earnings that met Wall Street estimates and said it expects revenues to stay on the incline through next quarter.
Posted 16 Oct 2003
Guerilla marketing is in full swing, with a twist, in the CRM space.
Posted 13 Oct 2003
Siebel Systems its announced on-demand hosted-CRM application, and emphasized the company's efforts on lowering the total cost of ownership for its CRM products.
Posted 09 Oct 2003
OneSource Information Services debuts a family of business intelligence modules designed to maximize the productivity of customer-centric functions and organizations.
Posted 01 Oct 2003
Click Commerce was the only vendor that didn't think Kawasaki's needs were identical to those of the automotive industry.
Posted 01 Oct 2003 [October 2003 Issue]
CRM is about changing the mindset of your employees to focus on customers. Companies can only do this if customer-centricity begins and is embraced at the C level.
Posted 01 Oct 2003 [October 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 Oct 2003 [October 2003 Issue]
A new Accenture study shows that businesses are shifting away from outsourcing as a cost cutting measure and instead viewing outsourcing as strategic value proposition.
Posted 29 Sep 2003
Oklahoma Federal Judge Lee R. West ruled on Tuesday that the FTC overstepped its authority in creating the national list.
Posted 25 Sep 2003
CRM, along with analytics, is becoming increasingly important as Teradata expands its data warehousing focus to drive customer value.
Posted 24 Sep 2003
The solution, which is available immediately, is aimed at small and midsize businesses.
Posted 17 Sep 2003
Some industry watchers claim that Oracle's downturn in software licensing revenues indicates that anticipated overall IT spending recovery is not at hand; others are holding steady with previous ratings on the company.
Posted 15 Sep 2003
Forty-four percent of uninsured consumers who plan to apply for health insurance in the next year say they will do so online.
Posted 10 Sep 2003
Business Objects Enterprise 6.1 provides enhanced performance and analysis features.
Posted 08 Sep 2003
Meta Group's "Data Quality Tools Evaluation Report" states that data quality-adoption rates are expected to expand 20 to 30 percent annually during the next three to five years.
Posted 03 Sep 2003
A recent study reveals that 92 percent of surveyed government executives consider it either "important" or "very important" to deliver "superior" service, but 90 percent of the respondents say their agencies are not yet delivering that superior service.
Posted 27 Aug 2003 [September 2003 Issue]
CRM magazine scrutinized CRM suite vendors and related categories to uncover the top-five leaders in each category: enterprise CRM, mid-market CRM, analytics, contact center outsourcers, and consulting firms. The results are based on a combination of weighted criteria, including revenue and revenue growth (last four completed quarters, ended March 30, 2003), market share, customer wins, and reputation for customer satisfaction.
Posted 27 Aug 2003 [September 2003 Issue]
CRM magazine scrutinized CRM suite vendors and related categories to uncover the top-five leaders in each category: enterprise CRM, mid-market CRM, analytics, contact center outsourcers, and consulting firms. The results are based on a combination of weighted criteria, including revenue and revenue growth (last four completed quarters, ended March 30, 2003), market share, customer wins, and reputation for customer satisfaction.
Posted 27 Aug 2003 [September 2003 Issue]
The product focuses on simplifying the way users track customers and related projects, manage customer information, and provide customer service.
Posted 25 Aug 2003
All businesses could benefit from more sophisticated marketing tools, and that these tools offer the greatest potential for return on investment.
Posted 20 Aug 2003
Under the terms of the stock-and-cash deal, Primus will purchase Broad Daylight for 2,090,000 shares of Primus common stock, plus cash equal to the value of 110,000 shares of Primus common stock.
Posted 13 Aug 2003
CRM--market leader Siebel has seen its cadre of consultants and technology partners decline from about 700 two years ago to only about 360 today.
Posted 11 Aug 2003
Online CRM provider UpShot earlier this week countersued rival Salesforce.com and asked a federal court to stop Salesforce.com from using misleading information on its Web site and in its sales literature.
Posted 06 Aug 2003
Everything from phased deployments to optimizing business processes to implementing self-service to the rise in hosted solutions is being spurred by companies' desire to cut costs.
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
The average cost of taking a family of four to an NBA game passed $280 this year, according to Team Marketing Report. When you drop that kind of money for an event, sports is about more than the thrill of victory.
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
Companies need to balance the potential of bringing in more revenue with overly aggressive tactics that might send a customer running to a rival.
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
The benefits of EII range from improving the real-time characteristics of business intelligence to easing mergers and speeding development of enterprise portals and e-business integration applications.
Posted 30 Jul 2003
Microsoft announced plans to accelerate the release of an international version of Microsoft CRM; to revamp MS CRM's licensing agreements; and to change its certification process for resellers.
Posted 24 Jul 2003
A recent Aberdeen Group study reveals that enterprises are expected to increase their technology budgets by an average of 3.4 percent over the next six to 12 months, and CRM-related applications are helping to fuel the growth.
Posted 21 Jul 2003
Identifying valuable customers using CRM solutions is key, because it allows retailers to target them with increased service levels, this generating more revenue.
Posted 16 Jul 2003
New research claims there is a critical shift in the consumer mindset.
Posted 14 Jul 2003
The study focused on 147 call center managers and senior executives from 24 wireless, wire-line, cable, and satellite companies.
Posted 09 Jul 2003
Two-thirds of the companies surveyed across France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom say that customer satisfaction and loyalty within their organization is suffering due to the bad data.
Posted 07 Jul 2003
If the deal goes through, CEO Larry Ellison originally said he plans to jettison all of PeopleSoft except programmers and development staff.
Posted 02 Jul 2003
To date, 40 of Outstart's 95 workers are using Salesnet; 25 of those 40 are sales reps (15 inside sales, the rest field sales), the remainder is business partners, Outstart executives, telemarketing folks, system engineers, and some workers in the finance department.
Posted 01 Jul 2003 [July 2003 Issue]
Whether existing Western CRM giants or new, localized CRM providers prevail, expansion into emerging markets is good news for the overall state of CRM. It's even better news for global businesses looking at CRM solutions to help improve customer relations and increase revenue.
Posted 01 Jul 2003 [July 2003 Issue]
New study is a compilation of previously unpublished research from 21 of Gartner's CRM analysts.
Posted 30 Jun 2003
Outsourcing incentive stems from lower wages and reduced turnover in other countries, which translates to less hiring, staffing, and training expenses, plus fewer productivity lags as new agents are brought up to speed.
Posted 25 Jun 2003
Vendors like Oracle, SAP AG, and J.D. Edwards sell not only CRM, but also enterprise business software, which often gets totaled in with CRM sales.
Posted 23 Jun 2003
Business Objects Tuesday announced it has integrated its business intelligence solution with Salesforce.com to allow customers to perform advanced reporting and ad hoc analysis of customer trends and sales pipelines.
Posted 17 Jun 2003
Vertical offerings couple J.D. Edwards applications with IBM's consulting services and architecture.
Posted 11 Jun 2003
Developed with IBM Siebel showed off its next-generation CRM bank-teller application, aimed at speeding up banking transactions by giving tellers an expanded set of information and tools in a highly intuitive interface.
Posted 09 Jun 2003
Baan executives say the merger with SSA will create a stronger company focused on manufacturing software sales.
Posted 04 Jun 2003
When it comes to CRM size matters, but that doesn't mean bigger is better.
Posted 02 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
The system is called OSCAR (Optimus Solutions Customers and Relationship Manager), and is used for all of the company's contact management and sales force automation.
Posted 02 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Murphy's Law
Posted 01 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Kanisa announces plans to acquire the enterprise software division of Web-search company Ask Jeeves Inc.
Posted 29 May 2003
Enkata Technologies claims that contact center inefficiencies account for up to 30 percent of business's annual customer care expenses.
Posted 28 May 2003
The evaluation of CRM services market focuses on commercial and nonprofit organizations attempting to improve client or constituent relations via strategy formulation, software selection, software implementation, business process improvement, training, and deployment.
Posted 21 May 2003
Leveraging the expertise of an experienced advisor can reduce internal staff costs and the external legal fees by as much as half.
Posted 19 May 2003
The decision comes on the heels of Siebel's disclosure that on Friday it had received an inquiry from the SEC regarding a possible violation of Regulation Fair Disclosure.
Posted 14 May 2003
All three of the EPM for Industries solutions will be available in the fourth quarter of 2003.
Posted 12 May 2003
Salesforce.com grabbed the Codie for Best Software Service, and for the second year in a row the ASP was named Best Customer Relationship Management Program.
Posted 07 May 2003
The firm has two components to its customer service call-back policy, the 2 Hour Call Back Guarantee and the 2 Hour Call back Challenge.
Posted 05 May 2003
Having a winning season always boosts ticket sales, but most attendees concur that it takes more than a winning record to keep filling the stands.
Posted 01 May 2003
As the vice president of marketing for Hewlett-Packard, Overly is in his Indianapolis office by 4:30 a.m. every business day. Yes, every day. And on weekends Overly is up before the sun to cram in several hours of work from his home office, on both Saturday and Sunday, before spending time with his family.
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
Six years ago the White Sox organization realized that if it could get a better handle on its fan base--particularly season ticket holders and those looking for group tickets--it would lead to more sales and better customer retention.
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
Big players falter, while smaller firms flourish.
Posted 25 Apr 2003
PeopleSoft, best known for its enterprise business software, is aggressively courting companies squarely in the mid-market with today's announcement of 13 new products aimed at businesses with annual revenue between $50 million and $500 million.
Posted 14 Apr 2003
Over the next two years companies will shift away from smaller tactical CRM implementations to larger suite implementations, market research firm Meta Group claims in a recently released study.
Posted 11 Apr 2003
Highly publicized cases of past CRM failures are no reason to condemn an entire category of technology.
Posted 07 Apr 2003
etalk Corp., which provides performance monitoring tools for call centers, is expanding its business into Latin America with the help of local business partners.
Posted 02 Apr 2003
One of the best ways for a company to increase customer satisfaction is to make sure there is a thorough understanding throughout the organization of what customers really want, then use that information to follow up with actions, solutions, and resolutions.
Posted 01 Apr 2003 [April 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 Apr 2003 [April 2003 Issue]
The report claims that CRM spending will increase in 2003, and that CRM users are generally more satisfied with their sales force automation applications than with customer service and marketing CRM applications.
Posted 26 Mar 2003
Siebel Systems has been positioned in the Leader quadrant in Gartner's Business-to-Business CRM Suite Magic Quadrant for 2003, and has a top ranking in two of four of the Gartner Group's Magic Quadrants.
Posted 19 Mar 2003
SAS this week reported its fiscal year-end 2002 financials, and for the 26th consecutive year the company showed revenue growth.
Posted 11 Mar 2003
Siebel said its acquisition of Janna was a move to integrate Janna's technology into the Siebel eBusiness Applications; industry watchers say it is common practice at many companies to eventually drop support for acquired products.
Posted 05 Mar 2003
Posted 03 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
Posted 03 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
Seattle-based travel site Expedia.com uses E.piphany E.6 for its analytics capabilities, to orchestrate its email campaigns, and to act as a de facto workflow tool for its call centers.
Posted 03 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
J.B. Hunt improved communications between its drivers and dispatchers, between on-the-road drivers and their families, and between the company itself and its customers.
Posted 03 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
Switching CRM vendors is a tough, but often wise, decision.
Posted 03 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
Microsoft is attempting to leverage its momentum with resellers, VARs, and systems integrators to attract potential customers to its recently released CRM offering at a series of seminars, called Microsoft Business Solutions Insight, to be held around the United States.
Posted 27 Feb 2003
The functionality, called MultiProcess Management, lets individual UpShot XE users create a view that suits them using a drag-and-drop configuration tool.
Posted 19 Feb 2003
Using Ask Jeeves's technology customers can find answers to questions like "What Novartis products treat cancer?" or "Where can I find information on a product free-trial offer?" and be directed to the appropriate answer or trial prescription.
Posted 11 Feb 2003
The scalable customer service software is part of Pegasystems Inc. PegaCARD Services suite of products and an evolution of Pegasystems' card services technology first made available in 1989.
Posted 05 Feb 2003
Choi says her main responsibility is to understand the problems of customers and find ways to provide solutions to those problems.
Posted 03 Feb 2003
CRM is making it as easy for international companies to share information among offices scattered across the globe as it is for them to share it with coworkers down the hall. The secret to mastering this in your company is to follow these 10 essential guidelines.
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Nonprofit organizations need CRM as much as for-profit businesses do.
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
CRM vendors are pulling out all the stops to boost sales.
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
New version of CRM focuses on integration and mobile SFA features and boasts 175 enhancements.
Posted 29 Jan 2003
CRM vendors report some sunny financial news as a major earnings reporting week comes to a close.
Posted 24 Jan 2003
Oracle Corp. took over San Diego this week for its annual Oracle AppsWorld conference. The thrust of the conference has been to update developers, partners, and users about the company's financial health; there were also some slices of CRM-related news.
Posted 21 Jan 2003
Microsoft Corp.'s Business Solutions CRM 1.0 was released to manufacturing.
Posted 21 Jan 2003
E.piphany Inc. announced that popular Web-application servers from IBM and BEA Systems Inc. will be embedded directly into E.piphany's E6.
Posted 13 Jan 2003
Sales Performance International conducted a study that gathered input from major sales organizations at 113 companies, the majority of which have global sales teams and are focused on selling technology or financial services.
Posted 10 Jan 2003
When Microsoft's highly anticipated customer relationship management package release finally ships there is likely to be a slew of third-party enhancements and add-ons.
Posted 06 Jan 2003
Brother International Corp. is using CRM to build relationships with indirect end-user customers.
Posted 02 Jan 2003 [January 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Jan 2003 [January 2003 Issue]
Brother International Corp. took action to unify all its U.S. call centers, which have a total of 200 agents in a handful of states, including California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Tennessee.
Posted 02 Jan 2003 [January 2003 Issue]
CRM magazine interviewed more than 30 industry leaders and surveyed about 100 readers to uncover what they expect to and predict will happen in the industry in the coming year.
Posted 26 Dec 2002 [January 2003 Issue]
CRM magazine interviewed more than 30 industry leaders and surveyed about 100 readers to uncover what they expect to and predict will happen in the industry in the coming year.
Posted 24 Dec 2002 [January 2003 Issue]
Microsoft Corp.'s much-anticipated Microsoft Business Solutions CRM will miss the 2002 delivery mark set by the company and instead be available in "early 2003."
Posted 18 Dec 2002
Using CRM, Bernina speaks the language of both dealers and customers.
Posted 16 Dec 2002 [December 2002 Issue]
A handful of CRM players are going on the offensive by releasing public statements discrediting Microsoft's forthcoming product.
Posted 16 Dec 2002
A review of CRM news and trends from 2002.
Posted 13 Dec 2002 [December 2002 Issue]
Onyx Software Corp. Wednesday started shipping updated versions of its customer and partner portals that have been rebuilt on XML standards.
Posted 12 Dec 2002
Executives on a recent panel say flawed practices and operations within companies, not CRM technology, are to blame for CRM failures.
Posted 06 Dec 2002
Reynolds and Reynolds announced Monday it would up its 10 percent minority stake in Networkcar Inc., and purchase the privately held San Diego-based company.
Posted 04 Dec 2002
A new study predicts that vendors of the five core component technologies used in call centers will see steady growth over the next five years.
Posted 29 Nov 2002
For $85 per user, per month, customers will have access via a browser to Onyx's offering, which will be hosted by IBM at one of its data centers around the world.
Posted 22 Nov 2002
If anyone needed more evidence that the mid-market is the CRM sweet spot, IBM's aggressive plan to stake a claim and spend more than $100 million in marketing should be proof enough.
Posted 18 Nov 2002
Several developers this week announced they are giving away software, but users will still end up opening their wallets to pay required licensing or maintenance fees.
Posted 14 Nov 2002
Is corporate America really giving customers the royal treatment, or is that just a fairy tale told by those who rule the CRM kingdom?
Posted 13 Nov 2002 [November 2002 Issue]
Analytics helps BackcountryStore.com boost its bottom line
Posted 13 Nov 2002 [November 2002 Issue]
A two-way integration enables Outlook users to have all the information from email move into the UpShot CRM system and vice versa by simply clicking on the specific email.
Posted 11 Nov 2002
BEA Systems Inc.'s Liquid Data for WebLogic lets users search emails, spreadsheets, databases, and other corporate data sources for information related to a specific project or topic, the company says.
Posted 06 Nov 2002
Microsoft Corp.'s Thatcher used this week's DCI conference in San Francisco to position the company's .NET architecture for delivering Web services as "a key linchpin" for CRM.
Posted 31 Oct 2002
Dendrite International Inc. reports third-quarter net income of $3.9 million, or 10 cents per diluted share, in line with consensus estimates.
Posted 25 Oct 2002
Wednesday Siebel Systems Inc. renewed its commitment to Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java-based framework for facilitating interoperability. The announcement comes on the heels of Siebel's news on Monday that it will support Microsoft Corp.'s rival framework for delivery of Web services, .NET.
Posted 24 Oct 2002
On Monday Siebel Systems ended weeks of speculation that it would expand its partnership with Microsoft Corp. by announcing that the two software developers have formed an alliance to push a Web services agenda.
Posted 22 Oct 2002
The mid-market is embracing the behemoth's architecture, but enterprise vendors are opting for Java-based development to implement Web services.
Posted 22 Oct 2002 [October 2002 Issue]
Posted 22 Oct 2002 [October 2002 Issue]
Customers looking for an integrated CRM solution that connects to ERP and back-end systems helped CRM revenue.
Posted 18 Oct 2002
IBM Corp. has selected Touchtone Corp.'s Wintouch eCRM suite as an alternative CRM solution for the IBM iSeries enterprise platform.
Posted 09 Oct 2002
National Customer Service Week '02: Started by the International Customer Service Association in 1988, NCSW was proclaimed a national event by the U.S. Congress in 1982.
Posted 07 Oct 2002
SAP AG this week appoints William R. McDermott; NativeMinds Inc. has appointed four executives to aide in the company's growth; Help Desk Institute and Robert Half Technology, launch the HDI Career Center.
Posted 04 Oct 2002
One of the largest consulting and systems integration firms is changing its well-known name. KPMG Consulting Inc., which has existed in one form or another for nearly 100 years, announced this week that it has become BearingPoint Inc.
Posted 03 Oct 2002
E.piphany Inc. this week announced that it is teaming with Microsoft Corp. on Web services that will result in the integration of Microsoft's a next-generation geographic mapping system with E.piphany's E.6 CRM suite.
Posted 02 Oct 2002
J.D. Edwards & Co. recently announced plans to standardize its suite of business applications on IBM's collaborative business infrastructure.
Posted 30 Sep 2002
Research firm calls on high-profile Siebel customers; many unhappy results; statistically insignificant, counters Siebel
Posted 25 Sep 2002
New product to deliver entry-level CRM to small business and workgroups; Salesforce.com leverages flexibility of ASP model
Posted 23 Sep 2002
User defined alerts breath new life into old push technology; mobile devices unlock messages; executive overkill, says critic
Posted 18 Sep 2002
The enterprise software firm completes an internal CRM rollout
Posted 13 Sep 2002
Global companies hop to CRM leader; more than 3,500 users; customer service is key
Posted 13 Sep 2002
The mid-market is CRM's new land of opportunity--and a heated vendor battleground.
Posted 12 Sep 2002 [September 2002 Issue]
CRM-enabled point-of-sale devices keep information at retailer's fingertips
Posted 06 Sep 2002
Version 7.5 also offers better integration with other applications
Posted 04 Sep 2002
Customer Support software is the first in the company's suite of CRM applications built on the .NET framework
Posted 03 Sep 2002
Decision to end bundling deal called mutual; different market fits, no conflict with Microsoft CRM
Posted 28 Aug 2002
Researcher will use data to design application that determines and reduced employee turnover in call centers
Posted 22 Aug 2002
A new version of the contact manager offers better integration with Microsoft Outlook and Excel and is packed with new features
Posted 20 Aug 2002
Hybrid application combines sales and service features
Posted 15 Aug 2002
Partners with Extreme Logic, Microsoft's Partner of the Year, to deliver Web services and integrated applications
Posted 13 Aug 2002
DocCenter provides Internet-based document management system for managing, printing, and sharing documents
Posted 07 Aug 2002
CRM vendors see huge opportunity in serving niche markets.
Posted 01 Aug 2002 [August 2002 Issue]
Maker of multimedia recording solutions spends $54 million to buy customer facing apps developer
Posted 31 Jul 2002
Here come the new ASPs; behind the scenes at Oracle; credit an IPO that never happened
Posted 24 Jul 2002
Software giant corrects error in press release on pricing per seat for its high-end version
Posted 19 Jul 2002
Joins the rest of the CRM pack that has been hit hard by lackluster IT spending
Posted 19 Jul 2002
AMR study shows market a little light, but wind is picking up again
Posted 17 Jul 2002
Shows off Beta 1 with clear mid-market message; pricing, packaging unveiled, resellers line up
Posted 12 Jul 2002
New version offers mobile and warehouse functions to field service reps
Posted 10 Jul 2002
A recent survey of Fortune 1000 executives attributes CRM failure to inadequate support from top management
Posted 03 Jul 2002
Hewlett-Packard Co. and Deloitte Consulting Thursday shared details of an alliance to design, build and integrate the key services needed to implement CRM solutions, as well as the outsourcing services to manage these offerings.
Posted 27 Jun 2002
Interact Commerce Corp., a developer of mid-market CRM offering and SalesLogix unveiled a partnership with Vaultus Mobile Technologies Inc. to bring its users a mobile CRM solution for Pocket PC handheld computers.
Posted 25 Jun 2002
Company makes move to expand in rapidly growing Japanese CRM market; NetYear execs join sales team, Masushita goes from client to partner
Posted 21 Jun 2002
Ask Jeeves Inc. is unveiling today a new product that enables customers to connect their enterprise data systems to Ask Jeeves to enhance customer efficiency via natural language Web self-service.
Posted 17 Jun 2002
Expanding on its four year old partnership, Microsoft Corp. and WebTone Technologies Inc. said they will now work together to deliver enterprise customer interaction applications to the banking industry.
Posted 13 Jun 2002
At its annual user conference, held this week in Denver, J.D. Edwards & Co. introduced an updated version of its family of products and services, new partnerships, and several customer wins and implementations.
Posted 11 Jun 2002
Eloquent Inc. Monday unveiled an add-on package to its flagship LaunchForce software that lets users access sales information in the form of synchronized audio, video and Microsoft PowerPoint-based content on handheld devices.
Posted 10 Jun 2002
Market researcher, Datamonitor surveyed the retail banking, insurance and investment sectors across Europe about IT spending strategies for 2002 and found that CRM is a high priority for all the sectors, but only banking will continue to make considerable investments this year.
Posted 05 Jun 2002
Enterprise marketing solutions provider, Aprimo Inc. said it has raised $12 million in its fourth round of funding in order to continue product development and marketing.
Posted 04 Jun 2002
Both high-tech firms and traditional organizations reap the rewards of implementations
Posted 01 Jun 2002 [June 2002 Issue]
Why one company is approaching global CRM with a less-is-more philosophy.
Posted 01 Jun 2002 [June 2002 Issue]
CRM in Action
Posted 01 Jun 2002 [June 2002 Issue]
CRM in Action
Posted 01 Jun 2002 [June 2002 Issue]
The United Kingdom leads the geographical pack with 29 percent of respondents saying they plan to implement a CRM solution. Spain was second with 33 percent, followed by Scandinavia with 40 percent, Italy 38 percent, France 29 percent, and Germany 16 percent.
Posted 31 May 2002
To help deliver web content by telephone, Genesys Laboratories Inc., a subsidiary of Alcatel, Wednesday unveiled an agreement to acquire Telera, a maker of extensible markup language voice solutions.
Posted 29 May 2002
Interact Commerce Corp., maker of CRM offering SalesLogix, said that Arbitrel Inc. has joined the SalesLogix Technology Partner Program.
Posted 24 May 2002
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel held its annual Gforce user conference in San Francisco this week with a focus on its customers.
Posted 15 May 2002
Buyout of Navision expands global presence.
Posted 07 May 2002
Visual Elk seen as key to corralling remote salespeople
Posted 06 May 2002
Posted 01 May 2002
The software titan has dominated nearly every market it has entered. Will CRM be any different?
Posted 01 May 2002 [May 2002 Issue]
Oracle Corp. and Dendrite International Inc. this week announced completion of a jointly developed CRM solution for the pharmaceutical market.
Posted 26 Apr 2002
Posted 22 Apr 2002
Posted 17 Apr 2002
Posted 15 Apr 2002
Posted 09 Apr 2002
Posted 08 Apr 2002
Posted 05 Apr 2002
Posted 03 Apr 2002
Posted 01 Apr 2002
Posted 29 Mar 2002
Posted 26 Mar 2002
Posted 22 Mar 2002
Posted 19 Mar 2002
Hilton's customers can rest easy knowing the hotel chain has no reservations about delivering outstanding service.
Posted 21 Feb 2002 [March 2002 Issue]
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