Vidyard Launches Platform Updates
The new tools are designed to help marketers attract, engage, and convert more leads with online video content.
Posted Dec 5, 2017
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Vidyard today announced its Autumn 2017 update, featuring new tools—including the Interactive Events Library and Free Automated Transcription service, plus Facebook analytics and support for new content formats—designed to help marketers attract, engage, and convert more leads with online video content.

“[The Autumn 2017 update] is really about driving demand gen and how you can leverage your existing videos in order to create more demand,” says Jeff Loeb, chief marketing officer at Vidyard. “Historically, most marketing organizations love video because video enables you to tell stories incredibly well.”

The update’s new Interactive Events Library aims to help marketers optimize new and existing video content for audience engagement and conversions. Marketers can create, manage, and apply interactive lead forms, annotations, and calls to action to one or more videos from a central place in the Vidyard platform. Marketers can, for example, invite viewers to download a related asset, register for an upcoming conference, subscribe to a newsletter, or book a sales demo in a seamless way.

To help marketers and demand-generation teams make their video content more discoverable and accessible, the update’s Free Automated Transcription service enables transcription data to follow Vidyard-hosted videos everywhere, ensuring that wherever they end up, they come with transcription. These transcriptions can help populate SEO metadata on websites, and be repurposed for other content such as blog posts, social media ads, and bylines.

By adding Facebook analytics, Vidyard provides marketers with a single, centralized view of video viewer data, with an eye on helping them determine how videos contribute to their overall social media strategies. Also, the company has extended its capabilities to support 360 degree, 4K, H.265, and VP9 video formats.

“Everybody appreciates the way that video can both appeal to your right brain and your left brain, your rational decision making as well as your emotional decision making and can tell a complex story very simply. Video’s been embraced by marketers…on that basis,” Loeb says. “One of the concerns about video as a content type is that it doesn’t generate leads. In other words, most often video is not gated, so it’s not a lead source. With this new release, it makes it radically easier to monetize your videos.

“Video has this remarkable capability of being able to measure engagement…if somebody watches a video, I know exactly how much of it they watched and where they dropped off. It gives me really good insight into engagement data. That’s been our historical value proposition, now we’re extending it by making it super easy for our customers to use those videos for a lead generation capability,” he adds.

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