OpenQ Launches Social Enterprise Compliance Suite
Solution lets healthcare, life sciences companies flag, classify, and act on identified risks
Posted Jun 21, 2012
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For companies that struggle to find perfect harmony between being a social enterprise and being compliant, OpenQ's SafeGuard suite, launched this Tuesday, seeks to bridge that gap.

There can be some trepidation "in going social" for those that tread on highly regulated territory, according to Jim Zuffoletti, president of OpenQ. "Many companies are fearful of leaking trade secrets, incurring liabilities, or committing compliance violations." OpenQ primarily services the biotechnology, healthcare, and medical device markets, but financial services and consumer products are feasible growth areas for the company as well.

OpenQ SafeGuard uses a proprietary system connector to collect activity feeds and comments from enterprise collaboration tools like Chatter or case management platforms like Salesforce.com Service Cloud to identify and classify information according to risk level, and to enable users to set industry- and company-defined priorities for remediation.

"No matter the social enterprise platform, the idea is to build these connectors to them as an app...[and to create] a risk analysis dashboard where you can interpret all of this activity taking place at the functional level and brand level," explains Otavio Freire, chief technology officer for OpenQ.

Some companies are keen on deploying a social community, but feel obligated to have a person review for compliance by combing through social and collaborative platforms post-by-post on a daily basis. "This allows you to have that openness and communication, but to say, 'We'll just have someone review high-risk posts,'" Freire maintains. "Then that person can either close it out or open an investigation."

The compliance social analyzer lets companies drill down on risks, visualize captured messages, view up-to-date metrics, and archive and act on social compliance risks to ensure they will be able to withstand internal audit processes.

"On the one hand, I think everybody buys into the concept that social is incredibly powerful—better marketing, better efficiencies," Zuffoletti says. "But by the same token, there are concerns within the big companies, where corporate management says, 'What if people reveal [intellectual property] externally or communicate in a way that inappropriately shares trade secrets? [We designed] SafeGuard to ensure that compliance."

OpenQ is a cloud-based technology and validated-data provider that develops sciences and health care compliance solutions designed for integration and usage with a variety of platforms like Salesforce.com, Oracle Cloud, and the Apple iPad.

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