Marketo Introduces the Dialog Edition, Its Newest Email Marketing Solution
The Digital Edition helps marketers transition to automated email campaigns.
Posted Oct 17, 2013
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Marketo, provider of a cloud-based marketing platform, has introduced the Dialog Edition to help email marketers transition from traditional email marketing to automated email campaigns.

The Dialog Edition enables marketers to target consumers based on their specific behaviors and respond to a wide variety of these behaviors in real time with personalized content.

"Marketers are facing a new digital world where consumers are drowning in marketing messages," says Sanjay Dholakia, chief marketing offier at Marketo. "Marketers know they need to break through this noise, but their efforts to do so are often limited by email service providers, which force marketers into a world of impersonal, batch communications. The Dialog Edition offers a solution, empowering email marketers to build automated campaigns that create long-term, personal relationships."

The Dialog Edition lets marketers set up campaigns that deliver streams of relevant content as soon as a new email address is captured. The Dialog Edition can then move people between content streams automatically based on individual behaviors, managing communications across each customer's lifecycle. The Dialog Edition can also track exactly how content is distributed to ensure that nobody receives too many emails or the same content twice.

As the Dialog Edition tracks customers' interactions with content through various channels, marketers can engage in thousands of individual conversations at scale and design appropriate campaigns in real time "within minutes," Dholakia says. "And the tools are very intuitive and user-friendly. Marketers won't have to reach out to IT on a regular basis. Everything they need will be in their hands," he adds.

The Dialog Edition is also built on a marketing database that stores demographic and behavioral information about customers. The information is constantly being updated with new data to drive better segmentations, enabling what Dholakia calls a "move from dumb lists to a smart database."

Furthermore, the Dialog Edition leverages Marketo's analytics tools for testing and measuring batch and automated campaigns. The Digital Edition's analytics components measure not only standard metrics, including email opens and clicks, but also provide advanced analytics, such as an Engagement Score, an evaluation based on an algorithm that measures the performance of content over time.

The Dialog Edition's advanced capabilities augment traditional email capabilities, including high-volume deliverability, A/B testing, and dynamically generated emails.

Marketo does not charge a fee based on email volume. "We just don't believe in that," Dholakia says. "To us, it's more important to give marketers the freedom to experiment with their campains and see what works for them."

The Dialog Edition starts at $2,995 per month.

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