Pegasystems Releases Customer Process Manager for Insurance
PCMI enables insurers to deliver consistent customer service across channels.
Posted Jun 9, 2014
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Pegasystems today released an updated industry-specific version of its Customer Process Manager solution for the insurance industry.

The Customer Process Manager for Insurance (CPMI) solution now includes a consistent user interface across all channels, including mobile and social, and stronger case management capabilities.

The solution offers screens and menu options specific to the insurance industry and is designed around the industry's unique processes and the unique questions insurance customers might have, according to Chris Blatchly, vice president and global insurance business line leader at Pegasystems.

Built on the Pega 7 platform, CPMI enables insurers to capitalize on newer technologies and communicate with customers via their preferred channels. It "takes advantage of the great new features of Pega 7, which offers solutions for customer service, salesforce automation, and next-best-action marketing."

Capabilities of the new CPMI solution include an omnichannel user experience that opens insurers' applications to mobile and social channels.

The solution, Blatchly says, "can render to any screen—desktop, mobile, or the Web—with no extra work. It automatically changes for the screen that is being used."

Additionally, as customers move across screens and interaction platforms, all of their previous interactions travel with them.

CPMI also relies on Pega's Live Data to simplify the use of data in business processes, ensuring that agents have access to the right data in the right place and at the right time. New case life-cycle management capabilities mirror the way insurance agents and insurance executives approach opportunities.

Other features of CPMI include the following:

  • Customer Composites: UI enhancements provide a redesigned view of each customer with new thumbnail views, message and alert gadgets, and enhanced policy selection controls.
  • Services Requests: New submissions and claims can be initiated in CPMI and completed in Pega Underwriting for Insurance and Pega Claims for Insurance solutions. This provides agents with a more comprehensive view of both local and remote cases.
  • Social Interactions: Social interactions can be installed and added to the agent portals to enhance visibility of relevant customer tweets and Facebook posts. A tab combines both Twitter and Facebook posts, providing agents with more visibility and management of customer social interactions.
  • Updated Search: Searching for a specific customer caller now enables a distinct search by a customer or an agent. Agents receive a customized composite that offers complete information for the selected caller.

According to Blatchly, this solution is just one of many that Pega has released around specific industry verticals. Others include the banking, healthcare, telecommunications, and government sectors.

Insurance carriers, he says, are "at a crossroads" as they struggle to manage the explosion of new technologies and channels of communication used by their customers.

Pega's CPMI solution, he adds, "will deliver insurance companies into the digital age and enable them to be more interactive and efficient with their customers for greater growth."

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