Zaius Announces Zendesk Integration
The integration makes customer support data available to marketers, with the goal of attaining a more complete view of customers.
Posted Feb 14, 2018
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Zaius, a provider of real-time, cross-channel marketing automation and attribution, has announced a product integration with customer service solution provider Zendesk that makes the latter's customer support data available to marketers, with an eye on providing a more complete view of the customer.

The integration unifies customer support data from Zendesk with customer shopping and product data. Furthermore, it has three key features: a centralized customer database; segmentation and campaign targeting capabilities; and analytics.

The centralized customer database allows marketers to enhance customer profiles with Zendesk data to include information such as support tickets and satisfaction ratings with the goal of improving their view of customer interactions across marketing and support.

The segmentation and campaign targeting capabilities allow users to take a number of actions such as excluding customers with open support tickets from promotional emails or review requests, segmenting customers based on the reasons they opened support tickets, triggering satisfaction survey emails to customers after tickets have closed, and nurturing satisfied customers in the hopes of turning them into brand advocates.

In terms of analytics, users can develop an understanding of the relationship between the number of tickets per customer and their satisfaction ratings, view metrics such as AOV (average order value) and LTV (lifetime value), and analyze how ticket activity and satisfaction ratings relate to customer life cycle stage.

“Our top priority is empowering marketers to be more independent, efficient, and creative. We believe that giving B2C marketers ownership of a truly complete view of the customer experience is the key to achieving that. Our Zendesk integration makes that possible by augmenting already robust customer profiles with service and support data like customer support tickets, satisfaction ratings and more, says Eric Keating, vice president of marketing at Zaius.

“This is a huge development for B2C marketers. For too long, visibility into customer behavior has been limited to marketing touch points, which misses a significant portion of the customer experience—service and support,” he adds. “With this integration, we’re giving marketers the power to create campaigns based on the whole customer experience, so they can be more successful and drive more sales.” 

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