Oracle Launches Data Integrator Cloud
The service aims to simplify and accelerate data integration.
Posted Feb 13, 2017
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Expanding the Oracle Cloud Platform's data management, the vendor today announced Oracle Data Integrator Cloud, a service that simplifies and accelerates data integration with the goal of supporting real-time analytics and improving data movement between Oracle and non-Oracle sources.

"Data management patterns are changing rapidly to accommodate business demands for streaming data at higher velocity than ever before. To put it another way, batch-style data management is not sufficient to drive modernization and business transformation," says Jeff Pollock, vice president of product management at Oracle. "The new Oracle Data Integrator Cloud service empowers customers to shift gears and support streaming data architecture while simplifying how developers interact with new and exotic technology. The core Oracle Data Integrator engine supports REST, JMS, and Apache Kafka as data sources and targets, and the ETL functions for transformation can run in Spark or Spark Streaming to support very high-velocity data transformations."

By using a flow-based declarative user interface in tandem with release management capabilities, the service is designed to help organizations improve their productivity and code management, as well as their development, testing, and production environments. Additionally, it integrates with a number of Oracle's platform-as-a-service offerings, including Database Cloud, Database Exadata Cloud, and Big Data Cloud. Database Cloud handles workloads of all sizes from development through deployment; Database Exadata Cloud provides support for online transaction processing and online analytical applications; and Big Data Cloud packs the capabilities of Hadoop and Spark into a single service. Furthermore, Data Integrator Cloud includes prebuilt integration with a number of non-Oracle solutions, with the goal of allowing users to easily switch between different Big Data technologies such as Hive, HDFS, HBase, and Sqoop.

"The new Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service has substantial automation that improves the speed of ordering, provisioning, and deployment of the platform service. Developers can leverage a fully functional API or a graphical user interface for building elaborate data integration flows that can be used to accelerate cloud data warehousing and cloud data migration projects," Pollock says. "By offering this new service as a monthly subscription, or metered by the hour, it gives our customers more ways to reduce risk and reduce costs on large projects.

"We have a wide range of Oracle and non-Oracle data sources that the Oracle Data Integrator Cloud service integrates with. All popular database technologies are supported, and it can directly integrate with non-Oracle cloud infrastructure," he adds. "For example, if a customer wants to move data from Amazon RDS and on-premises databases into a new data warehouse running in Oracle cloud, they could very easily use Oracle Data Integrator to enable that data flow."

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