LiveHive Updates its Sales Acceleration Platform, Launches the Sales Connect Partner Network
The updated platform accommodates third-party applications to enable increased visibility throughout a sales cycle.
Posted Apr 19, 2016
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LiveHive today unveiled the newest version of its sales acceleration platform and announced its Sales Connect partner network, with the goal of integrating outside sales applications into a single interface that provides organizations with a thorough view of their customer engagements. As part of the release, LiveHive has signed on integration partners including InsideView, for its lead prospecting tools, and Baracuda Networks, for its CudaSign contract signing tools.

It's no secret that as customers become more savvy and self-sufficient, sales professionals face greater expectations during every customer interaction. Because of this, it's not uncommon for companies to invest in numerous applications that empower reps throughout the sale stages. In fact, according Micheline Nijmeh, LiveHive's chief marketing officer, the typical sales organization holds an average of five to seven separate applications in its software stack. "[Companies are] buying all these different tools to help them prospect, qualify, and close," Nijmeh says. Yet as they add more pieces to their arsenal, they also begin to experience difficulties in managing them.

"What we've done is taken all of these tools and integrated them into the LiveHive platform," Nijmeh says. "If you want to prospect into new accounts and capture new leads…[using] a tool that you're used to, like InsideView," for instance, "you can still use it, but now you’ll get all the data from it in LiveHive."

New to the sales acceleration platform, Nijmeh says, is a management dashboard; managers can access this screen to see how many leads have been contacted and assess their connection rates. Likewise, they can keep track of the amount of new proposals they have sent out and determine how they compare to the target goals.

Nijmeh points out that the updated platform is built to accommodate the partner network, as it “[provides] one unified view into the processes, behaviors, and analytics” provided by an organization’s disparate sales applications. 

Such unity is unique to the market, Nijmeh asserts. “Many [vendors] out there, what they have looked at is maybe at the top of the funnel, or parts in the middle of the funnel,” Nijmeh says. LiveHive provides a complete integration across the entire sales cycle, she says.

The platform will be available later in Q2, but it has already garnered interest from many clients, Nijmeh says. ConnectAndSell, for instance, is eager to combine calling tools with an email analytics platform to get better insights, said James Townsend, vice president of customer success at ConnectAndSell, in a statement:

"LiveHive's open platform approach will help drive visibility and analytics into the key sales tools our team relies on today, as well as tools that we might want to use tomorrow. Plus, the key insights we can derive from analyzing data across the different sales stages helps in understanding what works and what doesn't work across the sales funnel."

LiveHive will work to strenghten existing partnerships with Salesforce.com, Act-On Software, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, among others. 

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