LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Announces Audience Network
The native advertising network enables marketers to expand their reach.
Posted Sep 6, 2017
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LinkedIn Marketing Solutions today announced Audience Network, which is designed to empower marketers to expand the reach of their Sponsored Content campaigns.

LinkedIn Audience Network is a native advertising network that allows marketers to expand their reach by running their LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns on third-party publishers across mobile and desktop. In addition to enabling marketers to expand the reach of their campaigns, LinkedIn Audience Network also aims to help them deliver on budget and get their content in front of the right people, wherever they are.

“Sponsored Content is our flagship advertising product, and the reason why it’s been so successful is because it leverages two of the biggest trends in the advertising industry today: native advertising and mobile,” explains Divye Khilnani, product and business lead for LinkedIn Sponsored Content. “Audience Network enables our advertisers to reach their target audience not just on LinkedIn but also on third-party platforms and third party publishers. The reason why we’re very excited about this offering is because it helps marketers increase their marketing footprint by extending their reach beyond LinkedIn-owned and -operated properties.”

Khilnani notes that though LinkinIn has more than 500 million members, not every member within an advertiser’s target audience would be on the platform during a given campaign. “By having this capability of reaching that member audience off LinkedIn, it really makes the campaigns that advertisers have a lot more effective,” he says. “Extending reach is really key for the success of any campaign.”

And delivering results while staying on budget is a natural extension of the greater reach, Khilnani says. “Now that you can reach a wider range of your target audience and also reach them at a higher frequency, it helps you nurture that audience much better and deliver on your impression goals more easily,” he says. “When it comes to serving the content to the right people, that’s a function of the fact that we are leveraging LinkedIn Targeting. [Marketers] can now do that not just on LinkedIn but also on these third-party sites.”

LinkedIn Audience Network also allows marketers to download performance reports for their ads that include clicks, impressions, and engagement specifically through the network, allowing them to compare network performance to onsite performance.

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