InMoment Partners with VoxPopme for Video Voice of the Customer
The integration adds video as a voice of the customer feedback medium.
Posted Nov 20, 2015
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Cloud-based customer experience optimization platform provider InMoment has partnered with customer video feedback provider Voxpopme to bring video capabilities to InMoment's voice of the customer platform.

Voice of Customer seeks to find out not just how customers feel about a brand, but why they feel that way. The service draws on first-hand customer stories for actionable information that can be harnessed and transformed into ROI. Features include real-time alerting on specific words and phrases, employee mentions, social media mentions, and callback requests. It also incorporates a location-based element that enables businesses to connect with customers and non-customers alike for in-the-moment information at specific locations.

"The more natural it is to a person to share their experience, the more accurate your diagnosis and the better your steering," says InMoment CEO John Sperry. "What we seek to do with these joint solutions that we're putting into our VoC program for our clients is to help them get accurate steering based upon perceptions of their guests."

While using video as a means of communication comes naturally to the millennials, the companies have seen success with other generations as well. "We're seeing people in their 60s, in their 70s recording videos, not just one-off fringe cases (but) regularly...which I think is huge and just speaks to how technology has enabled people to have a voice," says Voxpopme CEO Dave Carruthers. "Particularly for some of these people, it's a far easier medium for telling that story. We see typically eight times more content in the video than we do in the normal text box."

The fully integrated video VoC solution will be showcased at InMoment’s Customer Experience Elevated best practices conference in February 2016, but InMoment clients can begin using the new capabilities immediately by adding Voxpopme’s video capture and analysis to their existing listening channels. Clients can also access Voxpopme's OnDemand community, which enables them to better understand brand perception, as well as receive immediate feedback on new product development, campaigns, ad testing, and more.

"Video represents more of a revolution, not just an evolution," Sperry says.

"The whole world is going video, and I think for the consumer to be able to tell their story in their own words, video offers them a great thing," Carruthers agrees.

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