InMoment Announces Full Integration of Its Voice of Customer Solution
The solution enables customers to recount their experiences with brands in their own words.
Posted Feb 24, 2016
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Cloud-based customer experience optimization platform InMoment announced full integration of its Voice of Customer video capabilities—a joint solution with video feedback provider Voxpopme, a partnership announced in November 2015. With video delivering the high level of personalization that customers increasingly expect, the solution aims to provide businesses with a means of enabling customers to tell their stories in their own words.    

"We're seeing a big rise in video—video both as it is created by everyday consumers, and video as it's consumed on the Web," says Lisa Davis,  vice president of communications at InMoment. "This is a tool that's becoming quite simple to use, and easy to share, and everyday people are becoming quite familiar with it." Davis also notes the importance of emotion in relating to customers, saying, "Emotion is a big deal. Understanding customers' emotions and delivering emotionally rich experiences is something that's becoming more critical all of the time."

Voice of Customer video is now available in 19 languages, and companies can use the solution for a variety of purposes. It can provide executives with first-hand information on customer pain points and business opportunities, build morale with examples of satisfied customers recounting the impact of staff members, and provide employee feedback.

The solution can also serve as a resource for authentic content and be utilized to distribute targeted questions to consumer panels, loyalty members, and specific customer segments to obtain answers on topics such as new products and brand perception.

"Video needs to be deployed in a strategic way, versus the way you might deploy your Web surveys or phone surveys," Davis says. Jon Grover, VP of Product at InMoment, adds that Web and phone surveys are where businesses can find Big Data, but video is for more unique uses.

Voice of Customer video combines InMoment's analytics and reporting technologies with Voxpopme's video capture, transcription, and compilation capabilities. Customers can leave video messages using their mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops, and employees will receive real-time alerts. Additionally, reports can be auto-routed, ensuring that the right people in an organization receive the information they need.

"User-generated content is the new electronic word of mouth. It can be very, very effective and impactful for a brand to have their customers talking to their own communities about their experiences with the brand, for the good and the bad," Davis says. "If you’re going to be a customer-centric brand, you have to offer customer-centric ways for them to interact with you. Video is becoming a matter-of-fact tool for consumers around the world."

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