IDInteract Introduces Demand Exchange Platform
The automated platform lets marketers deliver tailored offers based on customer interest and intent-to-buy data.
Posted Dec 12, 2012
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IDInteract, a software company that helps enterprise marketers identify and interact with qualified consumers, Tuesday introduced its Demand Exchange platform. The platform aggregates structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to present a "360-degree" profile of individuals, groups, events, and communities, called "personas." The personas are then analyzed to identify a consumer's interests in specific brands, products, and services, enabling marketers to tailor their offers based on real-time market demand.

"Marketers want to use their customer data in an intelligent way, but they have so much data that they're overwhelmed," says Matthew Standish, CEO, founder and chief architect at IDInteract. "What's unique about IDInteract is that we're very demand-focused. We gather and analyze information about what people are viewing, how they're sharing it, and make recommendations based on what they're interested in."

The platform, which is designed to abide by consumers' privacy settings, according to Standish, analyzes a consumer's online activity through context-based machine-learning algorithms. Once it identifies a consumer's interests or intent to purchase, it lets marketers send out highly targeted offers to that customer through an automated system.

Demand Exchange's features include:

IDIntent.This feature sources data from social media channels, the client's mobile applications, and CRM systems.

IDPersona. Personas contain information about a consumer's privacy settings, viral score, brand consideration, and historical and revenue contribution potential.

IDAnalytics. Predictive analytics and propensity to buy algorithms are applied to the personas to determine the highest revenue potential prospects for each client. Using Visual Market Intelligence (the abstraction of raw data into graphic formats), the Demand Exchange user interface presents this information so marketers can quickly focus on the most valuable prospects relative to their business objectives.

IDOffer. This lets marketers manage an inventory of offers ranging from reference information, content links, and promotions. IDOffer automatically recommends prospects for clients to interact with and offer preset deals.

Demand Exchange is available through an annual subscription. IDInteract customers include Dean Foods, HP, Sports Authority, and Virgin Mobile.

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