Brightcove Launches Enterprise Video Initiative
Enterprise Video Initiative extends Brightcove's cloud video platform to support internal video initiatives.
Posted May 22, 2017
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Brightcove today announced Enterprise Video Initiative, which introduces new functionality for creating video experiences for business users across an organization. While Brightcove's previous video offering was aimed at marketers, the new offering extends Brightcove’s cloud video platform to support internal video initiatives.

"We are seeing more and more organizations use video across the entire enterprise because video really is the most effective form of digital communication that exists," says Caren Cioffi, executive vice president of digital marketing and enterprise business at Brightcove. "It was a very natural and easy expansion to use video inside the organization. Your people are your most important asset, [but] how do you get everyone in the organization to buy into your vision, to talk about your brand, to talk about your company in the very same way—that's really hard to pull off. More and more companies are realizing that video is a very effective way to get all of their employees on the same page to create that culture."

The key feature of the expanded functionality is In-Page Experiences, which allows business users to create video experiences in various formats and include links to other content, calls to action, and interactive elements that automatically alter flow and content before, during, or after the initial video playback.

"[In-Page Experiences is] more than just delivering a piece of video content to your audience, but the entire experience that goes around that," Cioffi says. "With In-Page Experiences, you can actually have a different user experience before the play, then when someone hits play on the thumbnail, it transforms into a truly immersive experience. And then after the video is over, it can transform again into a big call to action [for example]. It's really a transformative way to be able to deliver not just the video itself but the entire contextual experience around the video, which we think will perform for anyone who is using video, whether it's marketing or an internal use case."

In-Page Experiences has two main components: Single Sign-On and Audience Profiles. Single Sign-On—which, according to Cioffi, is in increasing demand—allows IT organizations to integrate Brightcove's cloud video platform with their identity management systems for centralized control of access. Audience Profiles captures and analyzes individual video viewing data, with the goal of informing business decisions. According to Cioffi, it "allows you to have user-level tracking without a separate marketing automation platform."

The Enterprise Video Initiative also includes Brightcove Live, which aims to simplify live streaming for internal events and create video-on-demand assets to be used after the event.

"Many of our customers who started using us for marketing starting using our video platform internally; even without the internal features, the platform was robust enough to see that happen. What you're seeing us do now is accelerate that because of this organic demand, [due to] how effective [internal video] is for organizations," she adds.

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