Avaya Releases Aura Contact Center
Avaya Aura Contact Center creates a collaborative space for agents, customers, and experts using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based communications.
Posted Nov 16, 2010
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Avaya launched Avaya Aura Contact Center, a multimedia work assignment application for mid-sized contact centers that connects customers, agents, and experts. The application uses voice, video, email, or Web chat to help businesses manage customer experience, agent productivity, and cost-savings within contact centers.

Avaya Aura Contact Center seeks to improve customer experience with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based communications. This "more standards-based approach to IP infrastructure helps with interoperability across the enterprise,” says Sheila McGee-Smith, president and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, LLC. “Over an SIP network, using SIP trunking, we then send that call to the best available resource whether that be someone in Chicago…or an expert in Paris. [SIP creates a truly virtual contact center across an enterprise.”

In a statement to the press, Drew Kraus, research vice president of Gartner, said, "[SIP] makes multimodal customer service widely accessible, instead of limited to just big-budget contact centers. With continued adoption of multi-modal contact centers, and an evolving social media space, SIP is a growing area of interest for companies."

By incorporating SIP, as well as a customer's past history, Avaya Aura Contact Center hopes to create collaborative sessions in customer care. In creating a more holistic customer experience, Avaya seeks to increase first-call resolution and boost customer satisfaction. Avaya Aura Contact Center's unified desktop allows agents to simultaneously manage one voice and five non-voice interactions.

Within chat, Avaya Aura Contact Center can also detect context-sensitive keywords that are matched with automated responses, speeding up agent interaction. Avaya Aura Contact Center can also create a list of experts who can be reached via voice or IM, thereby reducing search time for agents.

Avaya has also recently released and upgraded several key products. Aura Workforce Optimization (WFO) enables Avaya clients to record and monitor agent audio and screen activity. Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) is designed to allow users to place all multimedia interactions on a single platform to improve outbound notification. Avaya has recently upgraded its Avaya IQ solution and modifications have been made to the Aura Call Center Elite applicaiton; Avaya IQ 5.1 allows for an increased capacity of 900 users and Aura Call Center Elite 6.0 offers greater capacity for large enterprises, as well as adaptive, predictive routing capabilities.

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