Widen Launches Salesforce Connector
Widen's integration enables Salesforce.com users to access sales and marketing content inside CRM.
Posted Jul 26, 2016
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Widen Enterprises, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) software, today unveiled Salesforce Connector, enabling salespeople to search for and share Widen Collective marketing and sales assets inside Salesforce.com.

After installing the Connector, users will find a Widen Collective search bar inside Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. They can find assets, copy the share links, and paste them inside email. If marketing updates an asset, the URLs will automatically link to the new, updated asset.

Inside the Salesforce Connector, Salesforce Activity History maintains a record of the copied asset names, enabling salespeople to see everything that has been shared. Inside Widen Collective Asset Insights, salespeople can track views and downloads by customer and analyze correlations between content use and sales results. Third, Widen share links are optimized for viewing on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

"Collaboration between marketing and sales is absolutely essential, so we designed Salesforce Connector to strengthen that partnership," said Deanna Ballew, director of product management at Widen, in a statement. "With this integration, salespeople can quickly find content in their home platform without assistance from marketing, and marketers no longer need to worry that sales will use the wrong assets. This saves time and eliminates stress for both departments."

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