Urban Airship Introduces AI Marketing Orchestration
Predictive machine learning and intelligent orchestration allow marketers to coordinate communications across digital channels.
Posted Jan 25, 2018
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Digital growth company Urban Airship today unveiled cloud-based AI marketing orchestration with predictive machine learning to help marketers deliver notifications at the precise moment each individual is most likely to engage.

Together with new intelligent orchestration rules and Urban Airship's real-time automation and segmentation, marketers can now send rich, personalized notifications to any digital channel in their stack.

"Businesses want to create the most effective digital experiences for their customers, and consumers' expectations of their favorite brands have rapidly evolved beyond personalization to real-time individualization. Marketing clouds have failed on their promise to target users across channels in an intelligent and orchestrated way," said Brett Caine, president and CEO of Urban Airship, in a statement. "With this newest offering, AI-based marketing orchestration, Urban Airship is fulfilling a promise the market has been waiting for."

Urban Airship's AI marketing orchestration uses machine learning and data- and preference-based orchestration rules to help marketers. New core capabilities include the following:

  • AI Machine Learning, with Predictive Send-Time Optimization to deliver messages to individuals on the exact day and time they are most likely to engage, and Daily send-time predictions (and predictive churn risk assessments from Urban Airship's first machine-learning model).
  • Intelligent Orchestration across priority and preferred channels, Fan-Out, which allows users to to send critical, time-sensitive messages to all of a customer's available channels, and Last Active, with delivery to customers' last active channels.

"Artificial intelligence takes the guesswork out of marketing orchestration and lets our customers' data do some of the critical thinking for us. It's quickly becoming one of our easy buttons to better and more productive customer experiences across every digital engagement channel," said Thomas Neumann, principal digital products manager at Vodafone Consumer Products and Services, in a statement. "Since Urban Airship's platform is open, we will be able to reach our customers on digital channels such as RCS or voice assistants and moving forward to IoT and chatbots, which we can expand at scale."

In addition, Urban Airship also announced native support for triggered and transactional email and SMS notifications, enabling marketers to adopt messaging that is highly responsive to individuals' behaviors and interactions. Urban Airship also expanded on its integration with Salesforce.com's Journey Builder for real-time multichannel engagement and bi-directional cross-channel user-level data.

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