SalesPredict Adds Automated Microsegmentation, Interactive Dashboards to Latest Release
SalesPredict's latest release helps customers understand the key factors behind their lead scores.
Posted Sep 16, 2015
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SalesPredict, a provider of customer lifecycle intelligence solutions, unveiled the latest version of its software with new interactive insights dashboards that show customers the microsegments driving their best lead and opportunity conversions, as well as the key factors behind their lead scores.

"Typically, we see that one-third of a company's CRM data drives 90 percent of its revenue. Tthe trick is knowing which third, and that is where predictive analytics comes in," said SalesPredict's co-founder and CEO, Yaron Zakai-Or, in a statement. "SalesPredict believes in transparency, so we take a white-box approach to predictive scoring, as opposed to black-box, which simply provides a number or letter rank. That's OK for lead prioritization, but the real value is in knowing why your A leads are As. That insight is what helps companies focus and target effectively to increase revenue."

SalesPredict's new insights dashboards automate segmentation to show marketers the combination of company, personal, behavioral and other characteristics that are driving sales conversions. These insights can drive workflows that support revenue generation, such as predictive demand generation for net-new leads, highly targeted advertising campaigns, targeted outbound prospecting and lead nurturing, and proactive customer retention initiatives.

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