Lithium Unveils Lithium Social Web Analytics
Lithium Social Web (LSW) Analytics offers real-time social customer engagement data.
Posted Jul 15, 2014
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Lithium Technologies today announced the general availability of Lithium Social Web (LSW) Analytics as an extension to the LSW platform, which enables organizations to engage on social channels at scale. LSW Analytics empowers organizations to track what customers are saying about their brands and respond in real time.

Lithium has been boosting its social media portfolio following its acquisition of Klout earlier this year.

LSW focuses on engagement metrics. It also surfaces trends in customer discussions and shows how social customer care teams are servicing inquiries. For example, the dashboard gives customer care and marketing teams actionable charts with key metrics that allow them to do the following:

  • Balance agent workload: identifying activity spikes throughout the day and addressing those spikes by rebalancing resources;
  • Address priority items: showing if and when high-priority issues are addressed to resolve them in a timely manner;
  • Manage SLA performance: providing data on how fast the team is responding to customer inquiries and helping response times fall within pre-established SLAs (service level agreements);
  • Track product launches: following trending topics as a result of new product launches, organizations can publish proactive communications to address issues or provide resources; and
  • Review agent efficiency: displaying metrics on agent performance, training needs and workload evaluations.

"Brands need to manage extreme customer expectations, but are investing in outdated solutions," said Katy Keim, chief marketing officer at Lithium, in a statement. "There was a huge gap in the industry for a real-time, high-volume social customer engagement tool. The LSW platform with analytics fills this gap by translating social data into meaningful feedback, so brands can make smarter decisions about staffing and improving social customer service."

"Our consumers are increasingly going to social media for customer support and we don't see that slowing down," said Philip Blum, social media customer care manager at Time Warner Cable (TWC), in a statement. "We acted on this trend early and adapted to meet these new expectations by adopting the LSW platform. Now with LSW Analytics, we get a real-time look into customer activity and an easier, quicker way to manage resources to engage with them. At TWC, our customers come first and we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service, regardless of the support channel our customers choose. We continue to see improvements in our social response rate and agent productivity thanks to LSW."

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