InsideSales.com Releases AI-Fueled Playbooks
InsideSales Playbooks, powered by machine learning and predictive technology, enables sales reps to manage entire sales journey in a single interface.
Posted Sep 28, 2016
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InsideSales.com, a cloud-based sales acceleration technology company, today released InsideSales Playbooks, which brings the InsideSales sales acceleration platform directly to sales representatives on their web browsers.

Playbooks helps sales reps prospect, prioritize, and contact leads and prospects and automatically syncs leads and activities to the CRM without manual data entry.

InsideSales Playbooks offers the following:

  • Customizable sales playbooks – Strategic contact strategies that guide and automatically remind reps when to follow up with leads and opportunities;
  • Integrated communications – Single-click dialing, emailing, and texting from the Playbooks extension, backed up by managed scripts and templates;
  • Inbound phone calls – Playbooks notifies reps to incoming calls and connects them;
  • CRM sync – All sales activities and record updates are automatically synced to the CRM; and
  • Strategic cadences for calling, emailing and more, together with AI-powered predictive insights across the funnel.

As the platform continues to grow and develop, Playbooks will leverage InsideSales' Neuralytics engine, which taps data from billions of past interactions to fuel predictive technologies based on machine learning and big data, to introduce several new predictive and prescriptive features, including the following:

  • Prescriptive recommendations for the companies and the individuals at each company the rep should target;
  • Recommendations for the sales engagement plan that would be most effective for each opportunity; and
  • Cues for how and when to contact prospects for maximum engagement rates.

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