Cirrus Insight Announces Cirrus Files: Google Drive Integration for Salesforce
Latest integration will allow users to manage and sync files between Salesforce and Google Drive.
Posted May 28, 2014
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Cirrus Insight, provider of apps for integrating Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps, today launched Cirrus Files: Google Drive Integration for Salesforce, which it says will allow users to manage and sync files between Salesforce and Google Drive. Google Drive files can now be organized by Salesforce opportunities, contacts, accounts, and more, and the files will be synced to the corresponding records in Salesforce.

As users create new Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities (or any other object they define in Salesforce), Cirrus Files will create a corresponding folder in Google Drive where users can create and store relevant documents and files. For example, when a new opportunity is created in Salesforce, a matching folder will be created in Google Drive. A salesperson could then create a contract in Google Drive and sync it to the opportunity in Salesforce.

The contract is hosted in Google Drive, so it doesn't use up storage space in Salesforce. Plus, collaborating and editing the contract is easy in Google Drive, so users have built-in version control and they don't have to re-upload multiple versions to Salesforce.

Cirrus Files is currently available to all users of Google Drive for $5 per user per month from the Salesforce AppExchange. With the new features, users can now do the following:

  • Add a record in Salesforce to automatically create a related folder in Google Drive.
  • Open a record in Salesforce to access all the relevant files in Google Drive.
  • Create, view, edit, upload, and download Google Drive files inside Salesforce.
  • Sync new files and folders in Google Drive to matching records in Salesforce.
  • Make changes to documents and files in Google Drive and sync to Salesforce.
  • View, edit, and share files and folders in Google Drive that originated in Salesforce.

"Organizations are flocking to Google Drive for powerful and affordable document collaboration and file storage. The missing piece has been connecting these documents and files with customers in Salesforce," said Jason Hubbard, vice president of marketing at Cirrus Insight, in a statement. "We're excited to introduce Cirrus Files, a new app that brings Salesforce and Google Drive together to maximize productivity in the cloud."

Other integrations that Cirrus Insight has already completed include DataHug, Oracle's Eloqua marketing automation, Pardot and Hubspot, and Zendesk, among others.

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