CRM Magazine: June 2008
Magazine Features
As rewards programs proliferate, your best customers want -- and deserve -- more consideration.
"Web 2.0" has been the subject of much buzz -- especially in CRM. What's beyond that buzz, and how can you make it work for you?
After years of build-up, how much longer should we wait for the market to mature?
Unified communications has the potential to drastically alter the business landscape -- assuming vendors really can get their collective act (and your communications) together.
Front Office
Unfortunately, too many executives are reactive and only turn to loyalty programs when problems arise.
Reality Check
After years of trying, CRM still hasn't got a single place to capture and analyze relevant customer data.
Customer Centricity
Shifts in customer satisfaction need to take into account shifts in customer expectations.
The Tipping Point
Game-changing evolutionary insight may be sitting right under your nose.
Scouting Report
Contact center performance management isn't about measuring flaws -- it's about fixing them.
Pint of View
Simple customer management shouldn't be rocket science
Business just got a little more hands on -- and a lot more interesting.
With chaos in the airline industry, is it any wonder customers find their faith anything but sky-high?
As Twitter, the microblogging site, explodes in popularity, CRM has become a common topic. To bring the Web 2.0 world full-circle, we'll be highlighting a few choice tweets.
Software-as-a-service continues to catch on, but observers differ on whether the not-so-new business model is right for contact centers
Government's technological future is beginning with service sites and outreach programs to serve constituents
Consumers are talking to the world -- and the world is listening.
Ice Energy pumps up sales with the heat of email marketing.
How Lithium Technologies' online community-based CRM solution saved Christmas.
PGAC assures better -- and more effective -- service with Upstream Works.
An international youth ministry gets the CRM it needs, integrated with the enteprise resource planning system it knows.
Secret of My Success
An NBA team uses MyLifeBrand to create social networking that sparks loyalty, ups revenue, and increases sales.
Business Problem: Integrating essential marketing analytics across campaigns.

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