CRM Magazine: January 2008
Magazine Features
It's never easy to know precisely what your customers are feeling -- but you can certainly pay attention to what they're doing, and behavioral targeting can lead to actionable insight.
They're not exactly employees, and they're not quite customers, but your channel partners can be equally important -- and you can't just direct them by remote control.
Just because your customers are calling in to an automated response line doesn't mean your script is automatically going to work. Designing a truly interactive conversation is anything but simple.
As unified data hubs go mainstream, here are six broad strokes to help you master the art of master data management.
Front Office
We recently overhauled our own IVR. What we learned can provide useful lessons as you adopt Web 2.0, CRM 2.0, and social networking strategies.
Reality Check
Don't worry: If you're not wiki-ing yet, you will be soon.
Customer Centricity
The ever-evolving journey toward exceptional customer experience.
The Tipping Point
In the contest for customers, providing a high-quality experience is how you cross the finish line first.
The "single version of the truth" is impossible without tools to ensure data quality.
Pint of View
Hope you like the taste of crow--or foot-in-mouth. Your customers are serving it up hot
The social networking company introduced a marketing plan many of its members hated -- and changed course accordingly.
The company wows its users with new products and new plans for the future.
Recent studies predict the global CRM market will double within six years, and suggest explosive growth in CRM adoption across every segment -- especially on-demand CRM.
Thanks to increased adoption of CRM, manufacturing is putting things together.
The critical steps to rapid transformation.
Honeywell Aerospace had to plot an entirely new flight path to navigate often-turbulent CRM skies.
Ciena Corp. discovered that 3-D can be A-OK.
With an updated GoldMine in the driver's seat, a Carolina truck dealership steers to unified customer information.
Red Pocket Mobile snags a particular prepaid phone market, with help from VoIP Logic
Secret of My Success
Insurance.com cleans up its customer data -- and cleans up, period.
Business Problem: Inability to drive a sales force's behavior, rapidly deploy new sales plans, or effectively track and pay compensation and bonuses.

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