CRM Magazine: July 2007
Magazine Features
Marketers can make more opportunities by testing to facilitate performance decisions, rather than going on intuition. The question is, which test is best?
Web designers now enjoy unlimited site enrichment tools, which will help companies take e-commerce sites to new levels as broadband adoption rates soar.
CRM capabilities and business processes enable technology to shine.
Front Office
Focus on providing value to salespeople and to the company.
Reality Check
New incentive management solutions deliver top-flight tracking and compensation information to companies and reps alike.
Customer Centricity
The new competitive differentiation for luxe retailers will be about behaviors and solutions that are customer--not product--centric.
The Tipping Point
Simplifying the business will allow e-commerce managers to focus on core competencies that drive the top line.
Pint of View
Journalistic temptation runs deep.
Confirmed: High clutter leads to TV viewers to change channel.
NCSU and SAS agree to deliver the first master's degree in advanced analytics--the program may help to usher in an era for knowledge workers or may be, simply, viral marketing
The business apps juggernaut emphasizes its enterprise services strategy and the significance of coinnovation.
The business of medicine and the care of patients are not the same thing; for both segments, customers is difficult to define.
A biomed supplier turns its CRM system around over the years as its client list grows.
Unica teaches the info management company how to work smart.
A turnkey framing company looks to mobile workforce management technology to automate its method for capturing timesheet and job status data.
Secret of My Success
Medical Data Systems moves its data management operations to realize midmarket growth.
Business Problem: A company's marketing department cannot effectively track and manage campaigns across multiple search engines.

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