CRM Magazine: December 2006
Magazine Features
From mashups and analytics to melanges and intimacy, in the coming year CRM's evolving opposable thumbs will add dexterity to business processes.
How strength in numbers--in this case, the analytics of customer data--transforms sales teams into sales forces.
Simple, rewarding BI tools have been developed over the past three years, quietly accelerating marketers' ability to see and hear.
Telemarketers taking the ostrich approach to DNC compliance is a nonstarter for enterprises. Refresh marketing initiatives to ensure that the rules are followed and reach your target audience more effectively.
Front Office
There will be lots of potential for customer data quality apps; financial and product data also stand to benefit.
Reality Check
Don't take it for granted, define the initiative's goals from the jump, and closely link the organization's business direction to the initiative.
Customer Centricity
A conflict is brewing between groups focused on managing costs and those focused on generating profit.
The Tipping Point
Four ways to stem sales force turnover.
Pint of View
Never has "know your audience" resonated so much.
Companies will be able to track and publish partner success metrics to partners' homepages.
As text messaging becomes a hot direct marketing channel, marketers must be careful that the message is helpful, not harassing.
Separate the wheat from the chaff by automating key sales processes for maximum return on SFA dollars.
Some energy companies are deploying CRM systems for cost cutting; others are focusing on customer acquisition and retention.
A brief but thorough evaluation process led the company to select HyperQuality, a call center monitoring company focused on quality assurance.
UPC Nederland's unified approach to agent scheduling leads to cost savings and upped customer satisfaction
Callidus calls a telecommunications company to success.
European energy provider ScottishPower tones its customer service with a new Web site that allows customers to more effectively help themselves.
Business Problem: Companies lack the ability to draw insight and intelligence from the vast pools of customer data they've collected.

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