CRM Magazine: May 2005
Magazine Features
We hear from 5 companies that have worked for years to refine, realign, and improve their customer relationships, long after the project first went live.
Integrating your multichannel operations can seem like a near-impossible feat, but it doesn't have to be. Follow these strategies to ease your integration process and maximize your multichannel potential.
CRM software is becoming as important as nuts and bolts.
Front Office
Most industries don't have to clear the same hurdles as the tobacco industry, but more products and legislation will likely thwart your communication attempts.
Reality Check
The www generation crosses three generational cohorts.
Customer Centricity
Let employees make mistakes--you'll be better off.
Customers will have a single upgrade path, single maintenance environment, and singular user interface.
Gartner analysts offer tips on how to use business intelligence.
Enterprises are debating these choices as their potential continues to mature.
SAS upgrades its Enterprise BI Server to include OLAP, and query and reporting tools.
To honor Mother's Day 2005 CRM magazine presents demographic information on moms collected over time from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Many companies only have an inkling of what Nordstrom really is, yet they all say they want to be the Nordstrom of their industry.
Recent debuts of real-time enterprise tools by Microsoft and AOL could help jump-start presence management in the contact center.
The Internet security company employs a scalable CRM system to handle its growth.
Secret of My Success
The company is using CRM to put the force back into sales force automation.

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