CRM Magazine: December 2004
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As the CRM industry reinvents itself, 2005 promises both new opportunities and new challenges.
Many of today's most effective CRM processes and strategies are so successful because of the underlying technologies that enable and support them. In our dynamic, evolving industry new technologies continue to allow us to interact with customers in ways we never imagined. This is not to say that technology is the end-all in CRM--we still need engaged people, relevant processes, and quality data. But when properly implemented, technology can take that powerful threesome even farther. Consider the already heady impact and potential of the following 10 technologies...
Let us introduce you to the dynamic new top executives in the CRM industry.
Front Office
Customer commitment has always been and will continue to be the ultimate goal of CRM.
Reality Check
Vendors are stepping up to deliver tools that help reps sell.
Customer Centricity
How contact centers can have the benefits of both off- and onshore sites.
Thirty years of TQM, customer service initiatives, and CRM, and customer satisfaction levels are still mediocre.
Best Software believes the situations are isolated and under control.
Creating true ties with partners helps to optimize sales results.
Twenty-one percent of North American companies and 33 percent of European companies are planning new CRM investments by the end of December 2004. --Forrester Research and Forrester Business Technographics
You have to figure out how much value an individual is going to provide you over time.
The product-tagging system must be used as more than supercharged bar codes.
Secret of My Success
Company President Kris Calef talks about variety, value, and growth.

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