CRM Magazine: November 2004
Magazine Features
Customers now have a champion on the executive team: the Chief Customer Officer. CRM magazine reveals the success strategies of three of these new leaders.
Contact centers can help organizations create a significant competitive advantage. Here's how.
Analyst firms provide their services either on demand or on a subscription basis to clients, which comprise end-user businesses, industry vendors, and investment firms.
Front Office
Companies looking to boost loyalty are starting at the front lines.
Reality Check
The vice president must own whether or not the users perceive value from the CRM application.
Customer Centricity
We find ourselves again and again puzzled by customers' needs, and we fail to address them.
Prior to VoiceXML each IVR vendor had its own proprietary languages accompanied by high development costs.
Companies are applying Six Sigma to sales and marketing processes, looking for those characteristics of an opportunity that have the greatest chance of success, or those leads that show the hallmarks of quality.
Operational goals require effective operations--and that's where systems metrics come into play.
Knowledge-centered CRM firms have brought greater attention to the crossover.
As a result of the relocation of more than 3,000 call centers from the United States by 2008,130,000 agent positions will be eliminated, according to Datamonitor.
According to new reports by the Economist Intelligence Unit, customer service issues and CRM initiatives have become a major factor in IT budgeting and prioritization.
Some loyal customers may be only marginally valuable today, but enormously valuable tomorrow.
Several large companies have already started an exodus from the United States to Canada, including Marriott, UPS, AOL, and IBM.
Companies experimenting with BPO complain of inflexible contracts, difficulty managing vendors, and a lack of performance metrics; ICICI OneSource announced its intention to acquire FirstRing; and automated speech recognition solutions are growing in popularity as their accuracy improves.
Secret of My Success
CRM united the company's information, which was had been housed in different systems.
Analyze This
"I don't have any data for this, so it might even be true."
Customers place a great amount of value on the people who support them.
One of the pieces that made [CRM] fall into place was the wireless component.
You want to know what kind of experience a partner has in your particular industry vertical.
Colorcon's first step was to improve support and service for global customers.
Uncovering preference patterns boosts satisfaction.
Giving people that kind of power to continue to think about their problems in their own terms and express it in their own terms is really critical.
The firm's goal is to achieve a number one status across every single product it has.
Diary of a CRM Initiative
"You have to do the right thing for the good of the customer, regardless of any resistance."

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