CRM Magazine: April 2004
Magazine Features
Midmarket companies are now spoiled for choice.
Perhaps the greatest impact on midmarket systems integrators has been the competition with vendors--SI firms are now battling with vendors over contracts.
We embarked on a mission to find outstanding examples of recent CRM results in the midmarket.
Today many companies are finding it more efficient to outsource all or part of their data management or data-integrity processes to customer data integration firms.
Front Office
The benefits are the result of a heated battle among CRM vendors, all eager to win their share of the huge, underserved midmarket.
Reality Check
Successfully managing CRM initiatives is a difficult job, and it may actually be getting harder.
Customer Centricity
Service counts--more than ever.
Have CRM vendors identified what was so wrong with their systems, or have companies wised up and started to analyze business processes and establish metrics at the onset of their CRM initiatives? The answers fall somewhere in between.
How companies can effectively use their resources to serve their community; a framework for launching a brand internationally; and a look at Tesco lead this month's CRM book list.
Are you currently satisfied with the results of your KM initiative?
What is your number one CRM implementation hurdle?
NetSuite/CRM Magazine Web seminar participant survey
Mobile sales solutions are a hot spot among CRM projects.
With the high cost of dirty data becoming increasingly apparent, companies are turning to outsourced data specialists.
Acxiom and ADP's service enhances ADP's DataFresh product by making use of three data integration and data hygiene offerings from Acxiom: AbiliTec, Acxiom BestAddress, and Acxiom ChangePlus.
The report finds that most emails are opened on Wednesday and that unsubscribe rates are declining.
infoUSA and its division BusinessCreditUSA announced that they are offering customers unlimited access to business credit reports, and more.
Secret of My Success
New York's MTA needed a straightforward, customer-friendly system to to communicate with customers.

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