CRM Magazine: February 2016
Magazine Features
An overview of generational differences in consumer buying and behavioral trends
As Millennials take on more significant roles in the American workplace—and their spending power increases—the stakes are up for marketers
Squeezed between the Boomers and the Millennials, Gen Xers face the dual responsibilities of caring for aging parents and their own children.
Although some are retiring, don't neglect the members of this very large and prosperous consumer segment
Front Office
People change, so always be ready and willing to challenge preconceived notions about them
Reality Check
As the sector's products evolve, the challenge for vendors is getting customers to bite.
The Tipping Point
Point "coin-operated" reps toward ensuring the right business results.
Two departments that haven't always seen eye to eye need each other now more than ever before
Pint of View
Baby, don't hurt my bottom line.
Customer Experience
To picture customer journeys in the Internet of Things era, start thinking in settings and scenes.
Voice of the Customer
Companies should find fresh ways—online communities, analytics, ?journey mapping—to gather customer intelligence.
A university study urges businesses to invest in greater customization to meet the trend
The social networking site offers tools to help companies better manage customer communications
Invalid traffic, content sharing, and malware cost the digital ad industry $8.2 billion per year
The service makes in-app content searchable over the Internet
When a sale gets stuck, a cross-departmental effort can help spring it loose
Five9's cloud contact center technology lets the online language school contact leads in seconds
The payroll services provider uses the platform's survey, feedback, and data-mining tools to help keep customers happy—and make new ones
The storage space provider reaches movers on the go with personalized, mobile-friendly emails

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