CRM Magazine: December 2014
Magazine Features
The latest innovations add a sense of immediacy to customer interactions.
There's a fine line between giving and gimmick.
As Carlo's Bakery gets bigger and embraces new technology, the Cake Boss' business philosophy stays true to its roots. (This story originally appeared on DestinationCRM on October 24, 2014.)
A new business model takes shape, where consumers rent goods and services rather than buy them.
Front Office
While creating a customer journey map that accounts for experiences across multiple channels might sound difficult, it is possible.
Reality Check
Innovation steps in where sales training leaves off.
The Tipping Point
7 steps for navigating the digital/social landscape.
Simple interactions give way to end-to-end experiences.
Pint of View
What hath consumerism wrought?
Customer Experience
Companies that value customers need to let them know.
A joint effort is designed to curb shipping slowdowns this year.
Despite improvements,l cross-channel campaign management still has usability challenges.
Ellison promotes an updated CX Cloud and promises deep integration. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com on September 30, 2014)
Smart technology investments are just the beginning.
Computer-connected headsets could seamlessly link agents and supervisors.
Parents in need get improved access to services with new call center technology. (This article originally appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of Speech Technology.)
When batch and blast no longer cut it for the outdoor grill manufacturer, AgilOne delivered a more targeted solution.
LiveEngage increases online conversion rates and order value for women's shoe company.

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