CRM Magazine: November 2014
Magazine Features
Marketers should understand and leverage the unique qualities of each network to drive conversations and conversion.
The payoff from your CRM system is determined as much by your commitment to it as by the strength of the technology.
At-home agents can be as productive, if not more so, as those in the contact center.
Front Office
Before diving headfirst into social media, it's important to lay the groundwork for success.
Reality Check
Make sure you understand the myths and realities.
The Tipping Point
When used wisely, this channel can be a B2C gold mine.
Scouting Report
With skilled analysts behind them, these solutions can enhance the customer journey.
Pint of View
A new spin on contact management piques my interest—and pique.
Customer Experience
Tap into the power of purpose, empathy, and memories.
Voice of the Customer
Establishing and building relationships is key.
But it must factor in how much customers are willing to pay.
American Customer Satisfaction Index sees one of its biggest drops in 20 years.
Google's SEO algorithms are changing, with social media playing a big part.
New technology enables retailers to bridge the physical and digital divide for the holiday shopping season
Most callers would rather hang up than leave a message.
The new program rewards customers for everyday activities.
Though new technology is tempting, marketers have to get back to basics.
The food rescue organization broadens its reach with Microsoft Dynamics.
Adobe DPS cuts production time and cost for the medical device company.
Tech leader sees sales gains—and a culture change—with gamification solution.

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