CRM Magazine: August 2014
Magazine Features
Whether their contributions are longstanding or just now being felt, these five visionary individuals have the potential to shape the industry's future.
Paving the way for success throughout all areas of CRM, our finalists and winners in 10 categories exhibited strategies and innovation this year that put them at the top of their game.
The vendors we honor made significant advances in a variety of areas this year, giving clients of all kinds the opportunity to grow and compete in a challenging business environment.
Finding the right tool to help your business achieve measurable results is not easy. Wise solution implementations have helped our four winners see their businesses boom.
Front Office
Companies must connect communication channels, shrink big data, and create emotionally charged experiences.
Reality Check
When the contact center industry takes notice, we all win.
The Tipping Point
B2Bs must close the gap between spending and results.
Don't be misled by what's too good to be true.
Pint of View
The more you tighten your grip, the more that will slip through your fingers.
Customer Experience
Companies that lag behind must move from 'fluff' to 'tough.'
Voice of the Customer
Create a competitive advantage by looking at data through a broader lens.
With children going online more often, Internet advertising comes under scrutiny.
Reaching consumers in Latin America and Asia-Pacific requires local targeting.
The phone still outperforms other channels for customer service.
87 percent of survey respondents state their information is not adequately protected.
Mobile marketing, in-store customer ID, and analytics are on the real-time road map.
It's all about adding utility to mobile moments.

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