CRM Magazine: October 2009
Magazine Features
Given the powerful effects of some viral-marketing efforts, even those previously immune are seeing possibilities of epidemic proportions.
They say you can't manage what you can't measure. But what if you're using the wrong ruler?
Times are changing — and so should your metrics.
As contact centers adapt to the needs of a recession—and an increasing number of Generation Y staffers—the systems designed to train agents have to adapt as well
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a 15-minute questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in perception and decision-making — and may help reveal what kind of customer or customer agent you could be.
Front Office
If your goal is to launch a viral campaign simply to increase your brand awareness, you're flirting with danger.
Reality Check
The Journey of Implementation — Part 3: A successful social media initiative merely opens up future possibilities.
Customer Centricity
The measurements you track are an indication of the customer relationships you want to have.
The Tipping Point
A shift from managing volume to managing relationships.
Scouting Report
When live agents can't be had, interactive voice response systems may suffice.
Pint of View
Find the truth hiding behind the brand.
What to do with conflicting research from reputable sources.
Chris Brogan, co-author of the new "Trust Agents," explains why there's no better relationship than one built on trust.
A British initiative called Treating Customers Fairly focuses on the consumer.
Even a diehard fan wants to know the person behind it all.
The author of The Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit tries to help marketers identify what "success" really means.
The TAS Group steers FleetPartners toward its sweet spot with an influx of higher-quality deals.
A wholesale provider of financial services tools finds a way to reach a better class of financial adviser.
In-depth analysis of online activity helps Rail Europe get its Web operations back on track.
Secret of My Success
Looking to expand its library of ideas, CrownPeak, a provider of Web content management software, turns to Demandbase to target more customers at less expense.
When budgets get tight, marketers need to squeeze everything they can out of what's left.

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