Quotables: All About Oracle
Culled observation and opinion.
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  • "In ancient Greece the Oracle at Delphi was known as the Sibyl, pronounced very similarly to Siebel. That's a lot of predictive power right there. " --Marshall Lager, senior writer, CRM magazine
  • "This is drastically easier than the PeopleSoft transaction. This deal is friendly. Siebel is a much less risky transaction and there's much less integration risk." --Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle
  • "This is a natural business combination that really is a customer-driven event. We were encouraged to move together by our customers and partners. It ensures the continued success and continued advancement of the products they're using." --Tom Siebel, cofounder and chairman of the board, Siebel Systems
  • "Making acquisitions is like jumping out of a plane. It's relatively easy to do. Eventually, you have to hit the ground. Landing is the hard part." --Bill Wohl, vice president of product and solutions public relations, SAP
  • "[As a customer], there will be a lot more available for me down the track. The question is, How far down the track and what are the detours?" --Simon Hayward, Gartner fellow and vice president
  • "The sum of the talent from both companies will result in greater innovation, and the CRM solution that is incorporated into future releases of the ERP solution will result in greater overall product strength." --John Matelski, president of Quest International User Group and CSO and deputy CIO for the city of Orlando
  • "Oracle put Siebel investors out of their misery today [Sept. 12, 2005]. We have been doing that for Siebel customers for years." --Marc Benioff, CEO and chairman, Salesforce.com
  • "Oracle has announced plans to make Siebel's solutions the centerpiece of its CRM strategy, which we believe will enable us to provide even more benefits to our partners and customers in the future." --George Shaheen, CEO, Siebel Systems
  • "People are looking for a new leader in the CRM space. Siebel is being acquired, we're releasing Microsoft 3.0, and there's an uptrend in CRM interest. That's a perfect storm for Microsoft." --Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft CRM
  • "The acquisition of Siebel by Oracle was inevitable. It is a natural thing. Larry is going to drive huge cost savings through consolidation." --Jeff Walker, founder and CTO of TenFold and former executive vice president and general manager of Oracle's applications division
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