Xactly Ups Ante of Sales Comp Software
Xactly Express Plan Store features personalized rules engine, prebuilt templates for commission automation.
Posted Jan 26, 2012
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Under the guise of its Xactly Express 2.4 software release, on-demand sales and sales performance management solutions developer Xactly has introduced an Express Plan Store with customizable sales compensation templates designed for SMBs.

"The idea is, you have a nice UI where you can see the plan, read about the plan, understand the best practices, and with one click, implement that into the actual Express solution, which then translates those best practices into functioning, calculable rules that the admin can now go calculate against actual data," explains Andy Drogo, product manager.

Sales reps can subsequently see their compensation plan, what their expected payout is, and what their actual payout was once the commission process is run, whether online or via their mobile device, Drogo notes.

Other key features in Xactly Express 2.4 include draws setup and credit adjustments, improved navigation, and custom fields for payment rule formulas. Notes Scott Broomfield, Xactly chief financial officer, "If you want to add a bell or whistle because you have a particular need in [your] marketplace to drive a particular behavior, you can start and add to it" through the personalized rules engine.

When users first enter the plan store, downloadable compensation plans are available based on behavior roles, like The Prospector, designed for development teams; The Hunter, for account reps; The Farmer, for renewal sales reps; and The Captain, for sales managers.

Xactly recently debuted Xactly Express for iPad, which allows the on-the-go sales rep to track quotas and payouts in a mobile manner. The plan store features integrate directly with the Express for iPad offering, allowing users to compare and contrast actual results against planned templates, Drogo says.

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