Verint Enhances Impact 360 WFM Solution
New functionality models complex back-office operations to address service goals across work queue processes.
Posted Oct 25, 2012
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Verint Systems has enhanced its Impact 360 Enterprise Workforce Management software, giving customers access to workflow process mapping capabilities and visibility into back-office operations.

Verint's fully browser-enabled Impact 360 Enterprise Workforce Management solution models complex back-office operations and then produces optimized employee schedules based on, for example, end-to-end service goals across multiple work queue processes.

To enhance visibility, the solution provides a canvas interface that can be used to graphically model and edit complex, multi-step, linked work queues. New linear programming techniques allow for dynamic forecasting and allocation of work proportions to different links in the work queues. Additionally, process scheduling capabilities optimize scheduled activities to ensure the entire multi-step process, such as a mortgage application, is completed in time to meet end-to-end process service goals.

According to DMG Consulting's 2011-2012 Quality Management/Liability Recording (Workforce Optimization) Product and Market Report, "The wall separating front- and back-office operating groups is starting to come down. Workforce optimization suites are now available that are dedicated to improving the performance of back-office employees... The market is seeing a variety of new tools to enable front-office (contact center) staff to help out the back office during times of slow call volume, which are inevitable even in the best-managed groups due to variability of call arrival rates."

"Working with enterprise customers has afforded Verint the opportunity to take our customer-centric solutions, which have been proven in the contact center, and successfully implement them across departments and back-office operations," said Nancy Treaster, general manager of strategic operations at Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions, in a statement "These latest enhancements will not only allow us to continue helping our enterprise customers address the more complex work queue process modeling, but also enable back-office teams to achieve and maintain operational excellence-leveraging a unified enterprise workforce management framework that provides singular visibility into and manageability of the work, people and processes across customer touch points."

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