Infusionsoft Acquires CustomerHub
The deal expands Infusionsoft's product offerings with membership sites and content delivery tools.
Posted Nov 2, 2011
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Infusionsoft, a provider of marketing and sales software for small businesses, has acquired CustomerHub, the provider of a Web-based application that allows users to share password-protected content with subscribers, for an undisclosed amount. This is Infusionsoft's first acquisition.

CustomerHub, which is based in Mesa, Ariz., was created by Infused Systems, the leading provider of Infusionsoft services and technology. The company is one of the top app integrations in the Infusionsoft marketplace.

Designed to be compatible with Infusionsoft's software, CustomerHub enables small businesses to deliver protected content to paying customers and automate their subscription and collections processes. CustomerHub also allows small businesses to share free protected content by integrating with marketing campaigns.

"Membership sites are growing in popularity as marketers shift their content delivery channels from physical media, like DVDs and binders, to online membership sites which are easier to manage and more profitable to operate, said Infusionsoft CEO and Co-founder Clate Mask, in a statement. "Membership site tools are the way of the future as small businesses look to generate high-quality leads, as well as monetize content and establish recurring revenue streams."

CustomerHub founders Kyle and Nathan Leavitt and their team will join Infusionsoft's company operations starting in early 2012. Infusionsoft is headquartered in Gilbert, Ariz.

"This is a day when CustomerHub enters a new dimension," writes Kyle Leavitt in a blog post. "We're going from a five-person company with little resources and practically no capital to a well-established company with over 180 employees, significant resources, and plenty of capital...As a user of CustomerHub, you can look forward to the accelerated improvement in the product that is on the near horizon."

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