Confirmit Launches a VoC Engagement Model
Confirmit Voices aims to help businesses build outstanding VoC programs.
Posted Jul 13, 2012
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Confirmit yesterday launched Confirmit Voices, a voice of the customer (VoC) engagement model to help companies  build and make the most of their VoC deployments.

The model is built to help organizations develop clear objectives and design tailored VoC programs mapped to their customer journeys. At its heart is the Confirmit Horizons platform, which provides multichannel data collection, including Web, mobile, telephone and paper, as well as analysis and reporting tools that deliver actionable insight across the business.

The model, which showcases best practices around VoC deployments, is based on six-stages within the VoC deployment lifecycle, according to Karine Del Moro, marketing director at Confirmit. Those six stages are:

  1. Define: understanding the business issues that are being sought from a VoC program;
  2. Design: building a VoC program to meet those needs;
  3. Implement: Capturing feedback from customers and employees, along with relevant business and market data and benchmarks, and linking that information to the larger CRM system;
  4. Analyze: Producing reports and alerts that drive action on the strategic and tactical level;
  5. Action: Doing something with the feedback and reports generated; and
  6. Review: Going back through the process again to evaluate the changes made and determine whether the business in evolving in the right way.

According to Del Moro, this last step is often overlooked. "It's the phase people most often forget about," she says, yet it's one of the most important because a VoC program can't simply be a one-time process.

"It's really about building business results and not just feedback," Del Moro says.

Claire Sporton, vice president of customer experience management at Confirmit, agrees. "Successful VoC programs deliver increased revenue, reduced costs, and positive changes to organizational culture," she says. "The Confirmit Voices model is designed to help companies achieve these benefits through a clear, rigorous approach that defines success against clear goals and KPIs."

Confirmit launched the model primarily to help organizations that are drowning in data, according to Del Moro. "A lot of organizations are hitting a wall with their data because they don't know what to do with it all," she says. "A lot of the companies we talk to really need advice about how to use all the data they get."

But Del Moro is quick to point out that Confirmit is not getting into the consulting and professional services business. The Confirmit Voices model "offers best practices based on our research with customers in the banking, insurance, and B2B industries," she says, "looking at what they're doing, what they're looking to do, what's working, and what's not."

The model is highly flexible and customers can choose to use some or all of Confirmit's services to build and implement their VoC programs, or they can simply use the Confirmit Horizons platform to run it themselves.

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