Bunchball Debuts Nitro 5.0 Gamification Platform
Adds Nitro Studio for easily configurable game mechanics.
Posted Mar 7, 2013
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Bunchball has released the latest version of its enterprise gamification platform, Nitro 5.0.

The product's new Nitro Studio acts as a command center of sorts for those who wish to create, build, and deploy campaigns involving incentives. Dan Katz, director of product management at Bunchball, says the solution "has a consumer-grade look and feel to it," with drag-and-drop functionality.

Whether an enterprise is looking to create a sales challenge for their sales reps or a customer-facing promotion awarding points or badges to consumers who contribute high-quality content to a community, experts say "gamification" is a way to motivate and incent people for taking part in a desired set of behaviors or actions.

"What we found, especially in the enterprise space is [the importance of] ease of use in on-boarding [a tool like] Nitro to be broadly applicable to any business user or stakeholder as opposed to just having the purchaser or technical group managing it," Katz says.

For this reason, the new Nitro Studio console includes:

  • integrated analytics, featuring reports and visualization for on-demand insights into what triggers or dynamics are motivating users;
  • universal search, with an intelligent navigation interface to enter search terms around challenges, actions, or users; and
  • mobile-optimized interface, in which HTML5 enables users to manage gamification challenges from iPads.

Also included in Nitro 5.0 is a set of developer tools, APIs, and widgets to technically get gamification strategies up and running. Personalization in gamification strategy is also paramount. If a company, for instance, wants to "gamify" usage around their sales force automation or CRM system, they might "have their inside sales, field sales, marketing, or product teams" using the system, Katz says, so "the incentives they roll out will need to be personalized in order to have a successful program."

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