Angel Launches Voice Updates for Salesforce Chatter
Voice for Chatter empowers voice collaboration through Chatter.
Posted Sep 20, 2011
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Angel, a provider of enterprise-focused, cloud-based customer experience management solutions, today announced Voice for Chatter, a free application that brings Angel's interactive voice response (IVR) technology to Salesforce Chatter.

Voice for Chatter is designed for users on the go, giving business users of Salesforce.com flexible access to data using Angel's proprietary voice technology. With this solution, employees can now update their Chatter feeds remotely via phone to post both voice recordings and instant text-based transcriptions of their voice updates. Voice for Chatter enables users to interact with their Chatter feeds through a simple phone call, providing hands-free access anytime, anywhere.

"Salesforce Chatter is a ground-breaking technology that addresses key collaboration challenges for businesses today. This new social enterprise network, like consumer-facing social media, hinges on the user experience," said Dave Rennyson, president of Angel. "Our goal is to make Chatter even more flexible and efficient by providing voice capabilities, and with Voice for Chatter, we've harnessed the power of the human voice to drive effective collaboration, and deepen relationships in a way that black-and-white words never can."

To get started, users need only to install Voice for Chatter from the AppExchange, register their caller IDs, and call a toll-free number to record status updates. The updates are placed in the users' Chatter feeds within seconds, and can be transcribed into English or Spanish.

Voice for Chatter is the newest of a suite of Angel applications for Salesforce users. Additional services include Angel Contact Center on the Force.com platform, LeadbyFone, SurveybyFone, and SupportbyFone.

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