Unified Bolsters Enterprise Social Strategy
Social Operating Platform monitors and tracks campaign deployment, big data.
Posted Jan 31, 2012
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Unified, an enterprise marketing technology company, offers companies greater insight into their social advertising campaign spend in a scalable environment via its new cloud-based Social Operating Platform (SOP).

"The SOP connects agencies and (company) brands to each other, and then those agencies to all the (social) supply channels out there," including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, says Jason Beckerman, chief strategy officer and cofounder of Unified.

The platform features a standardized reporting interface, with budget, targeting/pacing, and daily statistic capabilities. Users can track campaign investments and quantifiable ROI, Beckerman notes, adding that "because we are a data connectivity platform, you can pipe all of this (audience) data right back into a CRM" or ERP system. Once a campaign goes live, it hits the reporting dashboard immediately.

From the standpoint of streamlining efficiencies, Dave Donohue, vice president of marketing for Unified, says that many enterprises are "still siloed with one person doing Twitter, one doing LinkedIn, one doing Facebook... and [the SOP us]a very powerful way" to get data out of spreadsheets and into one measurable environment. All data tracked and recorded in the SOP can be exported into report form.

Social operating platform features include:

audienceACTIVATOR: a cloud-based dashboard that provides robust tools for RFP and media planning, campaign deployment, buying and optimization, and audience measurement

socialCORTEX: includes the Social Action Pricing Engine, which algorithmically predicts campaign pricing; the Social Action Server, which hosts action-based ad units in the cloud; and the Earned Media Action Framework, which enables marketers to assign and track dollar values based on social actions

dataSYNC: integrates third-party marketing technologies and data with the platform

dataVAULT:transfers and standardizes multiple data sets into a secure, single data structure

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