SocialBro Leverages IBM Watson to Offer Personality Insights to Marketers
Cognitive computing capabilities powered by IBM Watson aim to help marketers appeal to select audiences.
Posted Sep 24, 2015
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SocialBro, provider of a cloud-based Twitter marketing platform, today unveiled Personality Insights, a solution that uses the capabilities of IBM Watson's API to segment audiences based on their traits, and engage them more effectively through ad campaigns. According to Cassie Hayes, a marketing executive at SocialBro, the product presents a "level of consumer understanding [that] will transform targeting and messaging."

The solution categorizes personalities according to three models: the "Big Five" personality model, which describes how a person interacts in the world according to these five criteria: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional range; "Values," or those beliefs and qualities that are most important to an individual, and act as his or her guiding principles; and "Needs," or the desires that a person hopes to fulfill with a product or service.

It then assesses the psycholinguistic aspects of a Tweet's content and breaks them down visually to marketers, giving them insights into customer preferences. Using the product, companies can better organize their audiences according to their relationship to the brand and likelihood of influencing other customers. Ultimately, the goal is to enable them to determine what content is best suited to what followers, and improve engagement rates and sharpen strategies.

Hayes highlights two organizations that have begun to implement the technology to satisfying results. Telefonica, a telecommunications company, has leveraged the platform to understand readers of its blog and see who is most likely to promote content. Using the solution, Telefonica was "able to build a targeting strategy based on Twitter users who would be more receptive to our content which…improved our campaign results and maximized the money we spent on Twitter ads," David Rodriguez, product manager of Telefonica's Think Big blog, said in a statement.

Adecco, a human resources firm, meanwhile has used the platform to promote an innovation challenge through lead tickets on Twitter. "We identified and targeted the Twitter users within our audience who matched our objectives, [and were] more likely to respond, share and retweet," Nicolas Castro, online marketing manager at Adecco, said in a statement. As a result, the company saw a boost in response rates. "SocialBro provided insight into our target audience which contributed to the overall success of our campaign," Castro said.

SocialBro sites a study from Watson's Personality Insights API team indicating that "users with certain personality traits are 40 percent more likely to redeem a coupon, and some are twice as likely to click thorugh on Twitter ad campaigns." SocialBro is working on finding similar blueprints for targeting, Hayes says, to enhance future versions of this product. 

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