SAP Announces SAP XM Online Media Network
The new platform seeks to build a direct connection between advertisers and publishers.
Posted May 16, 2016
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SAP today announced its first step into the digital advertising market with the release of its SAP Exchange Media (SAP XM) platform. Based on the SAP HANA platform, SAP XM is a cloud-based integrated online media network that connects advertisers and publishers.

SAP XM aims to maximize advertisers' return on media investment by leveraging an online media network that employs real-time technology. The solution seeks to make connectivity a central component of media business by linking components such as ad budgets with inventory and billing with collection, and to combine advertising and marketing technology in order to achieve business goals.

SAP XM has several key features designed to assist advertisers: first, the solution offers end-to-end advertising return-on-investment analytics and campaign management tools that operate in real time; second, it provides targeting capabilities that rely on first-, second-, and third-party data with the goal of delivering the best content to the right audience at the right time; finally, it seeks to improve overall efficiency and cut down on fraud by promoting direct connection between advertisers and publishers.

Wolfgang Faisst, cofounder and head of SAP XM, said in a statement that the new platform will have a transformative effect:

"With SAP XM, SAP will alter the way businesses run marketing in the digital era. SAP XM creates greater efficiency, transparency and control by connecting buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers) directly through an integrated suite of products."

Johann C. Freilinger, cofounder and head of marketing at SAP XM, in a statement also emphasized the solution’s disruptive potential:

"Disruptive technology is a buzzword today, but many technologies that we see are either too niche or do not have the fiscal and technical support to make a truly large-scale impact. With a current client base among leading Fortune 500 companies and the power of our very own SAP HANA platform, SAP XM has the potential to be significantly transformative."

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