Paytronix Expands Integration with NCR to Help Predict Consumer Behavior
The loyalty platform provider makes its solutions available to more customers through NCR's Cloud Connect.
Posted Dec 18, 2014
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Customer loyalty platform provider Paytronix has announced an expanded integration with NCR, a transaction software engineer, to expand its use of NCR's Aloha POS through NCR's Cloud Connect ecosystem.

Paytronix provides businesses with insight into customer behavior, including responses to special product offers and menu preferences.

NCR Cloud Connect offers businesses easy access to payment options, electronic coupons, and big data analytics through a single point of integration. The system also simplifies upgrade capabilities and digital processes that are complicated by multiple points of integration in the cloud, says Matt d'Arbeloff, head of business development at Paytronix. "At the restaurant level, it becomes very complex [when] you're managing multiple integrations from multiple sources," he says. "What Cloud Connect allows you to do is have one point of integration in the cloud that has some standards built around it that [make the process] easier."

For Paytronix, which launched in 2001, the integration is a calculated step forward in its partnership with NCR, as well as an attempt to target a larger pool of users with its customer loyalty program. "[This] is a very significant announcement," d'Arbelloff says. "We've had an integration with NCR's Aloha POS for many years now. This opens up our ability to provide services to a wider range of customers using Aloha and other NCR point-of-sales systems. Once the conversion is made to Cloud Connect, it will allow our customers to have a better method for updating their services."

Paytronix is primarily used in the food industry, and the company claims partnerships with 270 chains, including California Pizza Kitchen, Panera Bread, and Pinkberry. But the company is hoping to expand its technology to other industries. "We just entered the convenience store space this year," says Michelle Tempesta, head of marketing at Paytronix. The plan is to enter gas and retail as well.

Sheryl Kingstone, research director at Yankee Group, points out that the program will likely increase Paytronix's scope further down the line. "Loyalty is relevant to all verticals," Kingstone says. "Insight provided by mobile loyalty programs creates a rich customer profile that can enable unparalleled depth and breadth of customer segmentation to be used for improved customer engagement strategies based on the individual preferences and patterns of each customer."

Paytronix plans to further the use of big data to make valuable customer insights. "I think you'll see a lot more from us on that front," Tempesta says.

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