Flowroute Announces Software Development Kit
The kit helps developers incorporate calling and messaging integration into their apps and services.
Posted Feb 17, 2016
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Calling and messaging services provider Flowroute recently announced its Software Development Kit program for simplifying the integration of calling and messaging into apps and services. The Software Development Kit is compatible with Python, NodeJS, PHP, and Ruby on Rails, and aims to assist developers in designing contextually intelligent interactions for personalizing the user experience through easy-to-access calling and messaging capabilities.

"As we've embarked pretty aggressively over the last 18 months on serving developers who are integrating calling and messaging into the user experience, it's become clearer and clearer that the primary needs for developers as they take this plunge is 'Can we operate this?' and 'Can we ensure that we're going to consistently deliver the experience we’d like?’” says Dan Nordale, chief marketing officer at Flowroute. The new Software Development Kit is the company's answer to these questions

The kit enables developers to have direct control of several areas of communication. Developers can utilize an existing toll-free or long-code phone number to create customer interactions via text message, and can manage phone numbers and add new ones using Flowroute’s inventory—a useful ability when it comes to managing customer information. 

"Within the exact same API that you would integrate calling in your application, those same resources, those same libraries, are extended to incorporate SMS as well," Nordale says. And he emphasizes the convenience of having both calling and messaging services in the same place: "Keeping uniformity about how you're going to integrate voice and messaging is important, to deliver simplicity to developers." 

Developers can also add and change phone number routing in real time, a feature that Nordale says is essential for developers using their own external platforms. "More and more developers…are operating in their own, home-grown administrative interface, except Flowroute is integrated into it. We're extending the capabilities that we have built, and allowing them to be tucked into other peoples' interfaces," he says.

"One of the things that we work on a lot with companies is to make it as simple as possible for them to not only integrate the capabilities, but then operate the platform. The SDK program [enables]…developers to incorporate these capabilities into their app quickly, get in the market, and do so in a way that is tremendously easy to operate, while still maintaining high quality and high reliability," Nordale says. Developers can access the Software Development Kit—as well as other resources including phone number docs and messaging docs—through Flowroute's Developer center.

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