Cloud9 Unveils Intelligent Sales Forecasting Suite
The product is designed to identify, manage risk and opportunity against historical patterns.
Posted Feb 7, 2012
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Cloud9, an on-demand sales forecasting and pipeline management solutions company, has blended its forecasting process app with analytics to create the Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite.

The suite was designed to streamline the administrative footwork involved in the sales forecast, allowing sales managers and sales executives to intuitively view successes and failures of deals and subsequent risk, according to Jim Burleigh, CEO of Cloud9.

"The beautiful thing is, you're getting away from the computer science stuff and [the risk level of deals] shows up as something as simple as a column with a high, low, medium risk or a red, yellow, or green dot that [indicates] 'Hey, you need to pay attention,'" Burleigh says.

The Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite was designed to eliminate forecasting straight from a spreadsheet, which can be cumbersome and error-laden, Burleigh says. The sales forecasting suite integrates with CRM systems to record changes to data, which then undergo analysis to derive historic patterns of success and failure.

Jonathan Jung, director of sales operations at client company Splunk, said in a statement that the solution gives sales managers "actionable visibility into our sales pipeline."

The Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite allows users to:

Manage the forecasting process. A single, viewable location makes it easy to enter, review, track, submit and lock forecasts for a current period.

Incorporate management judgment. Users can experience increased forecast accuracy.

Utilize multidimensional forecasting. Users can enter, view, and aggregate forecasts by functions like territory, role hierarchy, and overlay term.

Perform granular assessments of forecast risk. The suite provides predictive risk assessment for each forecast.

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