A Fresh Pot of Insight
TeaLeaf releases TeaLeaf CX, a rich datastore for online customer experience that provides companies a complete view of consumer interactions, along with a family of applications to analyze them.
Posted May 30, 2006
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Online customer experience management solutions provider TeaLeaf today announced the release of TeaLeaf CX. The new application promises to provide business with an all-inclusive view of their customers through detailed data storage and complete individual records. Alongside the release the company introduced four new e-business solutions powered by the TeaLeaf CX datastore that provide one-to-one insight into the company-customer relationship. "Using one basis of understanding of the customer-whether it's in support or in customer service or in legal compliance or in business intelligence-takes away interpretation about what we think the customer did or experienced," says Geoff Galat, vice president of marketing and product strategies. The new product allows companies to capture every move each customer makes on their Web sites. This data is then stored for later use by one of the accompanying solutions. The four new solutions, cxImpact, cxReveal, cxVerify, and cxConnect, use the rich set of data to analyze different effects of the customer experience. Impact provides business impact analysis to allow companies to find and fix problems affecting their online users, according to the company. Customer service agents may integrate Reveal into their existing CRM consoles to closely monitor and regulate customer interactions. Verify enables businesses to quickly retrieve customer information for compliance and dispute resolution, and Connect provides a broad view of the customer for business analysts and usability experts. A recent Harris poll funded by TeaLeaf found that nine out of 10 users had experienced a problem that resulted in a failed transaction. Additionally, 34 percent of respondents said that if they experienced a transaction failure, their immediate response would be to switch to a competitor. TeaLeaf CX aims to provide insight into these failures so that companies may reduce and control such losses. "TeaLeaf is doing something very new here. They have been gaining some traction for over time, and this is another step forward for them," says Lydia Leong, a research director at Gartner. "This is a broad need that has existed for a while, and it's exciting that TeaLeaf is addressing it." Galat cites TeaLeaf's customers as the true creators of its software. "Customers have taken the [old] product in interesting directions and we've listened to them," he says. Galat explains that the need for TeaLeaf CX grew out of a demand for insight into customer experience. "Companies that are investing in sites are losing a tremendous amount of money on opportunity costs," he says. "There's a lot of transactions where people are showing clear intent to transact with you that aren't able. That's just not acceptable to the consumer anymore." Related articles: Tracking Customer Behavior Know Me, Show Me, Entice Me You Want Customer Love? Talk to Them
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