noHold Releases Next Generation of Albert Chatbot
noHold has launched an updated version of its platform for creating chatbots.
Posted Feb 28, 2017
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Following its release last month of SICURA QuickStart, a platform for creating Albert chatbots, noHold has already introduced the next generation of Albert.

"Companies are surprising us every day in how they are using Albert. A dealership uses Albert to train and onboard new employees. A technology company is connecting Albert to near-field communication (NFC) tags to activate Albert when a user phone gets close to a specific device. A design agency uses Albert to rapidly prototype new bots," said Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold, in a statement. "We would have never thought about these applications if it weren't for our customers."

The new version of the platform includes the following features:

  • Phrases Digital Signature (PDS), which allows Albert to no longer rely solely on headings to retrieve information. Now, Albert can analyze the entire document (headings and content) to determine what the end user is asking and provide the most accurate solution.
  • Synonyms list - Directly within documents, users can create lists of synonyms for words that are specific to their businesses.
  • Albert Etiquette, which allows users to add personality to Albert.
  • Dialog configuration, which allows users to manipulate dialog settings, greeting messages, escalation phrases when Albert does not know the answer, and escalation links for further assistance.

In addition to the new features mentioned above, noHold also introduces SICURA QuickStart PRO, making Albert available for commercial use. Features that are exclusive to PRO users include the following:

  • Customization of the user interface (UI). The free version offers a standard UI that is not customizable. With PRO, account holders can change colors, add company logos, and more, without touching the HTML.
  • Multiple Alberts, allowing companies to leverage different Alberts for various business units.
  • Key encrypted URLs, providing an extra level of security to ensure that Alberts that contain company-sensitive information stay private.

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